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Weekly Weigh-in #14: April 1, 2012


23st 13lbs

No, the above number is not an April Fool’s joke. For one thing, I HATE APRIL FOOL’S DAY WITH A MAD PASSION, and two… why would I?

No. The above number is basically because I didn’t eat a single jot of food for over a 50-hour period this week.

Not a way, I must add, I’d recommend to lose weight.

I didn’t manage to get to any of my classes. I left the house exactly three times. I managed to eat a full meal on Friday for the first time since what I’ve now dubbed, “The Puking Incident.”

I lost 11lbs in a week because I’ve barely eaten anything.

I don’t recommend it. Being sick sucks.

But I’m gonna try and go into next week looking at the positive side of this: I’m in the 330s, and, UK-wise, I’m in the 23 stones. I’m back at a known high-school weight: I was 23-stone, according to one of my diary entries, when I was 16. Probably when I joined Scottish Slimmers.

Right now, I’m gonna get ready for my first Spin class in a week, and keep my fingers crossed that I can keep up the three-squares-a-day and only snacking on healthy things that I’ve been doing since Friday morning. I’ve been snacking on Muller Corner yoghurts – not low-fat ones – because they’re under 200 calories, and much better than me running over to the Co-Operative for a bag of Doritos to watch in front of a movie.

Just gotta keep going.

Got my work shoes on, now that I can bend down to tie the laces again without feeling like I’m gonna vomit. *laughs* /bad metaphor

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