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Weekly Weigh-In: December 9, 2014

+1lb since October 28, 2014

Weigh-in was, once again, this morning, pre-clothes and food.

I’m obviously the first (and only one, on this blog!) to admit that it’s been a lazy kind of a week. Some days I’ve been fine – able to easily get out of bed and not too tired. Most days, though, I’ve been stuck in bed, resetting the alarm every time it goes off, until it’s almost noon and I need a shower and I have a headache that weighs a 1kg.

Depression itself sucks. Depression coupled with pain coupled with seasonal issued is that kind of thing where you just… ugh. No wonder I go a little mad on the days that I get out of the house. WOW VITAMIN D I FORGOT WHAT YOU FELT LIKE kind of a thing?

I don’t know, maybe.

Thing is, I still don’t feel like I should have put any weight on, this week. I haven’t overeaten, and I haven’t binged. I’ve been watching what I’m eating.

It’s so frustrating when it happens like that, it really is.

Well, maybe I can just get 2014 out of the way, and then focus on 2015 instead. 2014 is kind of a complete bust. I’ll focus on making sure I eat healthily – or healthily enough, anyway – for the rest of 2014, and then make sure I make improvements, somehow, in 2015.