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week 60 weigh-in

I’m going to be posting some recipes once I’m through with this, but for the moment, it was Weigh-In time! WOOHOO.

The weather’s been totally bipolar lately; sunny in the morning, raining by noon. Or, sunny during the day, raining by 7pm. Insane. I went to weigh-in today dressed for summer, because it was BEAUTIFUL and WARM today; the sun was shining! I could feel its heat!

The door was open for class and everything. Sunny, bright, warm, 16,000 Babyweight Watchers sitting in the front row, another 16,000 scattered around the class. Most of the babies themselves were well-behaved, with the exception of two who spent the whole time through Cate (Patricia’s off on holiday this week and next week as well as last week, and will be back on the 8th May) doing her talk wailing like bansidhe.

It’s not really the babies I’m irate about; it’s their mothers, who spend the whole time cooing and talking amongst themselves. I know that we’re all there to give support to one another, but there’s almost an HOUR before the Leader starts her talk that we’re free to talk amongst ourselves, but no. They spend that time AND the time during the half hour we’re supposed to be listening to our Leader talking amongst themselves. It’s ignorant and it pisses me off.

I swear, when I’m a Leader, I’m going to have a No Babies Allowed class, like the Curves half hour. No babies there! HOW DIFFICULT CAN IT BE.

Anyway. Got weighed after Mum (who lost 5.5lbs this week! Well done, Mum!) and the scales told me the following:


Which leaves me exactly where I was 3 weeks ago! HAHAHA. 0.5lb away from 3 1/2 st lost – which means that I’ve lost almost 50lbs this past year and 2 months.

And d’you know something? It could be so much better than that. But I’m not complaining, I’m not kicking myself over it, because it could as easily have been +50lbs, rather than -50lbs.

The difference is staggering. I’m almost at the weight I was when I stopped going to Weight Watchers in 2004. Which means that I should start going down dress sizes soon.

(And if anybody’s interested in that attempt at WeightWatchers, I uploaded the original FATGIRLslim website for your amusement)

I’ll tell you, though, I might not have dropped a dress size, yet, but I’m not busting out of my 32s anymore, either. The terror I felt when I was at my heaviest (and my heaviest was something in the region of almost 450lbs) and I had to buy a pair of size 34 15% elastane pants so that I was COMFORTABLE was incredible. And it was still 3 months after that I joined Weight Watchers for the second time.

This time is my third time. And it’s not so much 3rd-time-lucky as 3rd-time-paying-attention-and-doing-what-I-should-be-doing. There’s no way in HELL I’m going to give up this time.

I’d quite like a life before I hit 30.

(I have a whole ‘nother post in mind about how much weight loss has affected me, how much I’m not 25 years old, and I’m going to revert to being 18 when I lose all my weight, because I never got to be 18 years old when I was 18. I’ve never had friends, really, in Ireland. Never been to the Spanish Islands to go clubbing. Never had a serious relationship [other than Danii, but that’s… no longer considered a relationship, really.] and never really… well, I’ve never really had a life. And I’m kind of looking forward to that!)

D’you, this whole 21-day-to-break-a-habit thing? I wonder if it only takes 21 days to break the habits of a feckin’ lifetime.

I went into Subway after weigh-in today with Mum, because it’s been open for a couple weeks now and we still haven’t gone in. So we said, “screw it!” and went in today. Without even thinking, I ordered the meal (foot-long, NOT 6-inch, 11 points for my sub!) and took DORITOS WITH IT.

Augh. HAHAHAHA! I can’t believe it – for 15 minutes while I sat and ate my 6-inch half-sandwich (the other half and my Doritos went home with me) I completely forgot about Not Eating Crap.

When I got home, I inhaled the rest of my sandwich and ate half a pack of Doritos. Now, admittedly, it’s only, like, 2 or 2.5 points for the Doritos that I did eat, but the point of this was not to eat any processed sweets, crisps, pastries, etc! Le sigh.

I’m still not going to kick myself in the teeth over it. Damage done. Looking forward to next week!