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week 58 weigh-in

God, this was a bad week. XD; I know I say that, like, almost every week, but I really mean it this week. This was a bad bad week. Not intentionally, of course.

It just sort of started that way and stayed that way for the remainder of the week.

I went for a night out on Saturday with Mum and Carol, twisted my ankle pretty badly, and haven't even managed to exercise at all this whole week. Add to that the sugar cravings (note to self: never do KickStart again.) and EL BLAMMO. Bad week!


I probably have Mum to thank for it not being any worse than that. XD She's still been cooking the Core Plan meals for dinner, so at least, in that respect, it's not been too bad. It's just the junk – on Monday, I had soup and a wrap for lunch, on Tuesday, I had a bagel with mayo and bacon and tomato and chicken and guacamole and a slice of cheesecake for lunch. I ate 7 French Fancies (!!!!!!!!) on Sunday when I was the teeniest bit hungover and having sugar cravings and then ate 6 cherry bakewells and 8 viennese whirls at various times during the week.

Like I said: bad week.

Core Plan, I think, with a bullet. BANG. Patricia's on holiday for the next 3 weeks; we'll have a different leader next week, and then another one for the two weeks after that.


I'm pretty sure I've talked about Gemma and Oonagh before. Like, last week? 🙂 They should really have their own tag; they're just a huge source of inspiration.

They actually did their talk this week, and it was fabulous. They had their old, fat clothes with them, and old pictures (and boy, do I wish I could have gotten a shot of one or two of them; they look so different!) and they just… talked to us. About how important it is to stick to a plan and do your best, and just… yeah. They're fabulous.

L: Oonagh (lost 7st in 1 year and 10 months on Points Plan; R: Gemma (lost 9st in 1year and 6 months on Core Plan))

They let me take their picture with their Fat Pants (I know Oonagh's are cut off to the left there, but just imagine doubling up that one leg) and just… their before and after shots are going to be amazing side-by-side. They passed around some of the old pictures, and you wouldn't think they were the same people, I promise you. Gemma's face was all round and pudgy, and Oonagh was the same. They just look utterly incredible now.

And Patricia was right: it does inspire you to see other people do well.

They did their photo shoot on Monday this week, said it was incredible; the photographer said to Oonagh that she looked like the kind of girl who'd live in sweatpants. Oonagh, before she gained her weight, she said, used to play Camogie like a fiend. When she gained all the weight, she couldn't.

So now she plays Camogie again, but she was dressed in formalwear for the photoshoot. The problem was that she had cuts and bruises on her hands from a game at the weekend. The photographer noticed this, asked her how she got them, and then asked her if she had her hurl (the stick you play Camogie with) with her.

She did.

And she's going to be in Sunday World or Sunday Mail or something in May, in her dress and her high heels, and her hurl.


I betcha, they're going to look stunning. I'll scan in when I get the supplement.


I've babbled enough for this week, m'thinks. Here's to next week!

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