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13th November 2007

Well, I suck at this, don't I? Let's get through this quickly:

My weight has gone done the following. In order.


But I had a 'period' two days after that. That was the week that I walked around Dublin for Ireland. I swear I walked for Ireland.

And then, last week:


My weight's been fluctuating like crazy recently. It just doesn't want to go down and stay down. Stupid weight.

Curves has been going well, too. It's actually getting to the point where it's enjoyable. And boy, is the stretching/cool down worth it. It took me three days to get rid of that damn water-on-the-knee pain.

It's actually coming up to my weigh-and-measure time, too, so we'll see how I do. I've probably gained weight overall. XD;; But we'll see how the measurements go.

Wish me luck for this Thursday! Weigh-day!

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