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In Which Tracy Has The Worst First Week At Weight Watchers Ever

I have had the worst week ever.

Not just the worst week re: eating, and considering I just rejoined Weight Watchers, this isn’t good, but just the worst week in general.

I didn’t have words that I could write coherently, so please, enjoy this video blog:

And then enjoy it even more when you know that YouTube’s auto-subtitles read like this at one point:

FATGIRLslim | "10 kids said chimneys with cheese on a pic to you..."

As a disclaimer, I would never recommend chimneys with cheese. Everyone knows they go better with mayonnaise.

4 thoughts on “In Which Tracy Has The Worst First Week At Weight Watchers Ever”

  1. Hi Tracy – sorry to hear it’s been such a bad week for you. I can totally sympathise with you.
    Last week when you said you were joining WW I thought that it would inspire me to do the same but unfortunately thinking about it was as far as it went for me. I weighed at home and was horrified at how many kilos I had put on since the last time I joined WW which was only in April this year – then I couldn’t face going back to those meetings and weigh-ins so I thought I would do it at home at least to start with. Then I go back into old habits of not properly tracking and planning. It’s a pattern I go through again and again – you’d think I’d learn by my mistakes but I never do.
    A couple of years ago I lost 22 kilos and felt great – then the WW Leader left and I had to find another meeting and unfortunately the leader was the least inspirational person you could get and I ended up quitting (yet again …..) and now I am over 30 kilos heavier than when I left WW.
    I realise it’s my own fault and not WW but I think I’m just so sick and tired of always thinking of diets and trying to plan meals etc etc that it all becomes too much and I give up. Plus I’ve got a lot of weight to lose – WW goal was for me to lose about 80 kilos and it just seems way too overwhelming. I also wish I could find a WW leader who had lost a substantial amount of weight but all of them seem, to me, to have barely lost much weight. They say that it’s just the same effort to lose 5 kilos as 80 but I disagree. To me there’s a lot of difference. I just hope that one day I am able to lose a substantial amount – I’m just so sick of being fat…
    Anyway, enough of my whingeing – best of luck for next week.

    1. Hi, Tracey~

      The Universe is just out to get us all this month, I think. It’s been one of those months!

      Don’t let the fact that you’ve put on weight deter you from rejoining WW, if that’s what you want to do – that should be the exact reason you do it! If you want to try going it alone, making meal plans and exercising and eating right at home, then that’s the right thing for you. 🙂 I just know that meetings and having someone keeping me accountable is the right thing for me, y’know?

      But I can totally sympathise with that, too – there are a lot of WW leaders that I’ve seen where their story goes, “Lost 10lbs and kept it off for 10 years!” and I’ve been thinking, “Bitch, come back to me when it’s 100lbs,” and then felt bad, because we’re all women, and it’s a struggle for us all no matter how much weight. I know my sister gained 28lbs, and she still looked fine to me – I would have killed to have been that size, in fact – but she felt like a whale. I suppose the struggle isn’t in the losing, but the keeping it off…?

      I think you’re right re: 5kg vs 80kg. It’s the same effort to lose the same amounts, but the only difference with losing 5kg vs 80kg is that you only have to lose 5kg once. Losing 80kg, you have to lose that 5kg over and over and over again, and it gets a little bit disheartening, don’tcha think? It certainly does with me. Feeling sick and tired of being sick and tired because I’m so overweight is only the start of it, I think.

      We’ll get there in the end, though! That’s why I’m still here blogging, and you’re still here reading. 🙂 Because we’ll get there in the end. *nod*

  2. Hang in there Tracy. We all have bad times and difficult periods. However, they don’t last forever and your feelings will change as feelings are very fickle. Also remember that those of us with eating problems will battle this forever so it’s a life time struggle of which a week is a very short period. There is loads of time left to do better and learn along the way.

  3. How can you have a bad week when “10 kids said chimneys with cheese on a pic to you” happened, I laughed so much.

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