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In Which Tracy’s A Lip-Syncer

You’ve probably been able to tell that I’m slacking off, more than usual, lately. Nothing much to worry about. I’m just not spending so much time on the computer as usual, so when the time comes to actually get on the computer at night and make a post, mostly what my brain is thinking is, “…no, let’s go to bed, instead.”

Which’d be absolutely perfectly fabulous, if I wasn’t exhausted. I’m sleeping 12 hours a day, and I’m still tired before midnight? Sleeping from midnight to noon (I can function fine if I can get myself out of bed before noon; it’s just the getting myself out of bed before noon that’s the problem) isn’t ideal, when I was doing so well before.

The good news is that the warm weather’s here, so whenever it decides that it’s also going to be warm and dry for more than one day at a time, I might actually get back to going for wee daily walks through the woods.

Speaking of my wee walks, actually: while I was walking home from Mum and Dad’s on Sunday – it was my big sister’s birthday, and we were up at her’s having dinner and a big old blether; then I had to go to Mum and Dad’s to pick up mangos, which I’d forgotten to pick up on Saturday – I was doing my usual, of singing along to the music, but without making any noise, when someone who was driving actually did a full, almost Exorcist-style head-turn to watch me.

I was so amused/disturbed, because they sort of… veered over the central line and back again. And then I didn’t help by recording the following:

So, please tell me I’m not alone in this! Tell me that I’m not the only one who’s a weird lip-syncer in public. I don’t feel right just listening to music, and I know I’ve seen people doing backstage it in the X Factor audition rounds and backstage on Britain’s Got Talent and things like that on TV, but in real life?! No!

I’m a freak! I’ve never seen someone else in real life who does it, haha.

I can’t be the only one. 🙂

1 thought on “In Which Tracy’s A Lip-Syncer”

  1. I am a ‘practice future conversations I may have with someone’ person. 99% of the time it’s while driving so the majority of people think I’m just on a hands free phone conversation! but there have been times I’ve felt the need to practice a conversation while walking or when I think I’m alone. As a mental health nurse, I often have to be very careful with my wording so practising future difficult conversations out loud has really helped on the day of the meeting.
    I also love to sing, although I would never say I’m good at it! I’ve often turned off the radio so I can just sing loudly any song that comes into my head!
    Strange the things we do alone 😛

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