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In Which Tracy’s Been Feeling Unwell

I’ve been feeling unwell. I have a very strong feeling that my body’s trying to tell me something:

My stomach, and my digestive system, have been in revolt against me, possibly in cahoots, for the past week or two.

I’m talking constant gurgling, noise erupting from both ends, acid reflux although I’m on Omeprazole, and annoyingly bad breath.

Now, if I’d still been living with Mum and Dad, I’d have put it down to the fact that my little sister and brother-and-law have been visiting for the past two weeks and there’s actually been food at Mum and Dad’s for a change.

(Probably mostly Lorna and Matt’s, but still! There’s food at Mum and Dad’s! 🙂 There’s never usually a huge abundance of food at Mum and Dad’s, because they sort of just buy what they need, and Mum tries not to buy too much junk.)

Of course, my house’s food situation is much the same: I buy what I need for my meals, and for one evening of snacking.

And then I regularly go to the shops during the week and buy enough crap to feed a small family for a week.

So, what’s my body saying?

Clearly, my body is saying, “get yourself under control.”

My body is saying, “I do not much like this. I know that I’m having these stupid cravings, but that doesn’t mean that that’s actually what I need. That’s a ridiculous chemical reaction that’s been programmed into you by the food companies.”

My plan?

I don’t know, if I’m being honest. Obviously I’ve been at this long enough to know what works, in terms of weight loss. I know what works in terms of cutting out fat and cutting out sugar. I don’t really do cutting out meat, so don’t even mention it. *grin*

My immediate thought is, of course, South Beach Phase one. It’s absolute hell, but it’s the only thing I know for a fact that gets rid of my cravings (at least by the end of the two weeks, haha!), which will leave me free to start any number of my other plans – Atkins, or to try out The Mount Athos Diet, which I bought a few weeks ago and I like the plan. I’ve got a zillion and one “diets” I can follows, but I think we’re all fairly aware that diets don’t actually work. I really do need to find something that I can do, long-term (potentially and preferably for the rest of my life!), without worrying about cravings.

This is where I’m pretty thankful for Slimpods. At least I’m not overeating. That’s a blessing.

It’s just these bloody cravings.

Thing is, I do have a second Slimpod, which is to help with sugar cravings, and it seemed to work a little, but definitely not enough. There was a lot in the recording about losing your cravings because you know it’s the best thing for your, because of how you love yourself, etc (I think! Mostly I’m asleep when I listen to the recordings.) but… I don’t love myself, so my brain doesn’t change the way it works with regards to the cravings. With the full signal, it worked, because I didn’t have one, and everything made sense.

So there’s the problem, right?

Right, exactly.