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In Which Tracy Takes The Long Way Home

This really would be an awful long way home... like, There And Back Again, long.

Since the good weather’s started getting better (read: by better, I mean I don’t need to wear four layers [vest, t-shirt, sweater and hoodie] as well as slippers and socks in order to survive when I don’t have enough money to put gas in my heating system), it’s been good enough for me to walk home.

Which is really really nice, you know? It’s a wee bit of extra exercise. It means, if it’s during the week, that my Dad can go straight inside to sit down with a brew and not have to take me home after a potential 12-hour-shift at the pharmacy. It means I get to stretch my legs after a whole day sitting down knitting or crocheting. If it’s the weekend, then… it’s a chance to stretch my legs after a whole day sitting down knitting or crocheting.

(Don’t get me wrong, if we’ve been out somewhere, I might have missed a painkiller dose and won’t be physically able. Or just might be too knackered.)

But tonight was perfect. I left the house just as the sun went down, so it was still day-warm/chilled (it wasn’t warm today, but it wasn’t what I’d call cold, either) so I put my headphones in and headed down the road.

Now, there’s a multitude of ways for my to get home from Mum and Dad’s. But I usually go one of three ways: through the woods, down through the estate and past the shops, or the “long way”, which includes going past the wee line of fast food shops, past where they’re now building the new Tesco Express, and through the industrial estate.

I took the “long way”, so I could spy on the new Tesco Express, and see how far it’s come along. (Landscaping needs finished, interior still needs built – car park? And lots more.) I met one of the girls from the Co-Operative across the road from me in the fields outside of the Jock Stein Centre on my way, and stood and had a chat before continuing on home. Passed the Tesco Express, and headed into the Industrial Estate.

When I got in there, I started my usual: excellent playlist, I’m mostly alone, it’s getting pretty dark…

So I start walking like I’m in a music video.

If you’ve never done it before, I’d suggest you do. It’s really awesome for building up courage and attitude and all sorts of awesome stuff. Throw your shoulders back, head held high, and strut like you’re being paid for it.

The only problem with this, other than oncoming traffic, is that I passed a few people who gave me strange looks. No problem. I’m in an effing music video. They’re just extras; I’m the star.

But at one point, I turned around because a car slowed as it came upon me, and stayed slowed as it passed, but never came to a halt. I turned to see what it was doing.

Its driver and passenger were both looking at me, and as soon as they saw me looking at them, the car sped up and drove away (at an illegally fast speed on that stretch of road, I must add). Hidden behind the car were two little girls, who were either taking a photo of me, or who were filming me on their smartphone.

Now, I know I can be a wee bit weird when I’m out walking, what with owning my own space and all, but… I’m not really photo/movie material. I went out to my second-to-last therapy appointment wearing my cowboy hat, and a schoolboy took a photo of me.

That, I can understand, because it’s not often you see a woman wearing a cowboy hat in Scotland.

But just me, walking along wearing a pink hoodie, grey cropped jogging pants, a pink/white/bubble-patterned backpack and a baseball cap?

Definitely not photo/movie material.

But they were definitely pointing at me, as I was the only other person on the road. I looked around, making sure they were pointing at me, and did the little shoulder-shrug, hands-out-by-my-ribs kind of gesture, and they giggled, turned, and ran.

I raised an eyebrow, turned, and continued walking.

I’m not used to that, certainly, and I hope it doesn’t become a habit.

I’m not a fucking sideshow freak. I’m just fat.

3 thoughts on “In Which Tracy Takes The Long Way Home”

  1. I hate when people take photos/videos of people without permission. That is my one biggest pet peeve and it happens to me often since I dress “weird” (I wear lolita fashion). It’s so fucking rude, I can’t even describe how much I hate it. It’s unacceptable that they did that to you and I’m sorry there’s not much you can do about it. =/

    The walking around thing is great, though! It always feels great to walk around for a while, I think. I walked home from work the other day and couldn’t believe how nice it was. And it seems you always catch things while walking that you wouldn’t while in a bus or car. I noticed we had an antique store on one of the main roads that was selling an antique spinning wheel. Which is…random and weird, to say the least. But I’ve passed by that shop so many times while in a vehicle and never noticed it! Do you find that sort of thing tends to happen to you, too, when you take walks?

    1. Hi, Astrid! Sorry I didn’t see your comment sooner – my email’s on the fritz with all these wee problems with me changing servers. (I WILL FIX IT, I WILL!)

      I really do hate it, too. It’s so rude, and it’s the same as when people shout things out at you! They think you’re public property, and not much more than something there for them to laugh at and Instagram or Share on Facebook. Also, Loli fashion isn’t weird. It’s totally awesome! I’d love to wear it, but I can’t really get it in my size, and with my shaved hair, it definitely wouldn’t work, haha! I tend more towards casual/gym gear right now, but love semi-50s/Rockabilly when I’m dressed up, if I can. 😀 But heck yeah, rock the Loli gear!

      YES YES YES to seeing more of the world when you walk around. And ooh, wow, an antique spinning wheel? I’d have loved to have seen that! And then probably cursed its existence because I’d have wanted it, but not had the money, haha. Luckily, though, I don’t drive, so if I’m in a car, I’m always a passenger, so I’m tending to be nosey while I’m on the move anyway, but you definitely see more, and you get to have a better look around! I’ve got a wee post going up later this week about it, actually. 🙂 Look out for it!

      1. YES, exactly. Just because we don’t look like most everyone else does not mean we are there for someone’s pure amusement. It’s ridiculous that people think that. I either get photos of me or people think they can just touch my clothes without permission. Uh, excuse me? Would you do that to someone wearing jeans and a t-shirt? If not, then don’t do it to someone dressed up in something you think is funny!

        Lolita fashion is crazy fun. =D And if you were actually ever interested in dressing up in it, some seamstresses totally do custom orders. I’m actually making a dress for my friend for Christmas but shhh don’t tell her. And I’ve totally seen girls with shaved hair rock lolita! It’s all about confidence and how you dress it all up. But 50’s inspired stuff. is. AWESOME. I’ve been trying to get into that lately myself! I love the photos you’ve posted of yourself in the past in outfits you’ve worn for things.

        I have no idea how much the spinning wheel was. Haha. I walked past it the other day and I couldn’t see a price on it from the window; it’s probably on the other side of the wheel. It’s really pretty, but you’re right, likely VERY expensive. I don’t usually drive, either, so I totally get being a nosy passenger. But sometimes you just drive by things too quickly to really get a good look at them, I feel.

        Can’t wait for the post! I love reading your blog. =)

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