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In Which Tracy Is Not A Computer

(But sort of wishes she was.)

A post in which I talk about how annoyed I am at still gaining weight, despite eating less than 2,000 calories a day; what I plan to try to do about it; and when I’m coming back from break.

Fun fact: the best part of doing a vlog is getting my face on. πŸ˜€

6 thoughts on “In Which Tracy Is Not A Computer”

  1. Watching this video you struck me as being far more depressed than I’ve seen you in the past. πŸ™

    We were linked on MFP for a while but I haven’t been using it in a while, while transitioning to a more care-free approach to my final stages of my weightloss, so I was wondering whether you’re still accurately logging your calories there?

    1. Hi, Helena! Long time no see – first off, I’m glad to hear you’re in/getting into a good place re: your own weight-loss. πŸ™‚ Must feel awesome.

      And oh, oops. I didn’t realise I was/looked/sounded more depressed than usual. (It’s the not looking at the camera thing, isn’t it? It gives it away.) I’m not using MFP any more – I’m using an app that tracks just on my phone. If/when I can be bothered. But my usual food doesn’t change much from day-to-day – I eat generally the same breakfast and lunch, and only my dinner changes. I try not to eat between meals, and my breakfast/lunch/dinner is low enough that even if I did eat between meals, it wouldn’t throw me over 2,000 calories – and if it did, it wouldn’t be by much.

      I think it’s definitely something about the macro/micronutrients. I need to start thinking about protein/carbs/fat etc. And vitamins. (Although I started taking vitamin D tablets, they won’t do me any good without enough calcium, for example.)

      1. Hi πŸ™‚

        I’m happy that my impression is not a wholly accurate one then!

        I do think the years of damage to your body and metabolism are worth investigating and taking into account, but I think you’re over complicating the issue with the macros.

        Macros are at their most useful with regarding to satiety and obviously to build muscle you need to be eating a lot of protein, but there is definitely something very wrong if you are only eating 2000 calories a day and not losing weight. It’s not basic thermodynamics, no, but regardless of what calories you are eating macro wise, you should still be losing weight.

        There is an interesting article on metabolic damage here: http://www.t-nation.com/diet-fat-loss/truth-about-metabolic-damage

        But I seriously think you need to count every single calorie that goes in your mouth and make 100% sure you aren’t underestimating. If you’re anything at all like me then you may well be forgetting what you ate and how much of it. The food scale is also really useful.

        Good luck either way! Hoping 2015 will be the year you kick this in the face πŸ™‚ – I am now down to 85kgs and want to lose another 10kgs this year. It’s been a long road for me too, and a confusing one at times.

        Am thinking of you a lot and constantly reading your blog.


  2. Just stumbled on this site and I watched your video. I think you might not be losing weight because if your MBR is saying 4000 and you are eating 2000, your body is likely in starvation mode which will store fat more. I only know this as I have thought well if I’m suppose to eat 3000 calories and I only eat 1500 I’ll drop weight like nothing, but the reverse happened and I didn’t lose anything even gained a bit.
    Granted this might not be the case with you but still I want you to know you inspire me to keep trudging though. I didn’t put the weight on overnight so I can’t expect it to come off overnight.

    1. Hi, Treida! Don’t worry, it’s not that large a gap – my BMR’s actually 2,800, but to get your daily requirements at a sedentary lifestyle, you multiply it by 1.2, so it comes out at 3360. (There was one site that said my BMR, before taking into consideration my lifestyle needs, was 4,000+ calories…!) It’s still a huge difference, and I know that, when I’ve been at Weight Watchers in the past that I’ve had to start eating more in order to lose weight – but when I’ve been eating any more of late, all I’ve been doing is gaining weight, which is extremely annoying!

      I’ve also read that it’s a case of quality not quantity – you can eat so much healthy protein and fresh fruit and (basically paleo) stuff as you’d like, and you’ll more than likely still lose weight because it’s good healthy food and you’re eating your body’s fill, as opposed to eating 2,200~ calories of three meals’ worth, even if it does include some slow-release carbs like oats and things, it’s still not good enough.

      There’s far too much conflicting information!

      1. Tell me about it. One site tells me one thing and a different one tells me another. It’s really annoying. I wish that I could just eat food that I know is good for me and never have to worry about portions, weighing food, and measuring everything I eat. But I can’t and I’ve accepted it.

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