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In Which Tracy Looks Totally Fabulous In Fatshion

Tracy Looks Totally Fabulous

In Which Tracy Looks (Totally) Fabulous
I actually managed to take a decent photo of myself today.


This post was not endorsed by SimplyBe. I’m just a huge fan, have an account, and buy a lot of my clothes there. None of these links, unless otherwise stated in the Disclosure post, are affiliate links.

FATGIRL’s Fatshion

While I’m not a fatshion blog, I do actually have quite an interest in fashion, even if I don’t follow trends. Admittedly, I spend mostly of my time dressed in “whatever’s comfortable”, but for the most part, if there’s an event – birthday, Christmas, a night out – I do prefer to look good, and have a tendency to panic about what to wear, and have an even worse tendency to spend money that I don’t have on outfits for one day.

I got lucky, when I found out that I had an interview, in that I found a dress on SimplyBe, for £13.50 (at the time), that was not only cute, but (mostly) black, and almost indecently cute. I also actually bought a piece of lingerie, in the shape of a slip.

Now, you’ve already seen what I planned to wear to my interview in this post; I actually decided to go with different shoes, and to go with a different belt altogether. (Since I only own two belts, it’s kind of a one-or-the-other situation with my belts, haha!)

So here, have a few photos of what I ended up wearing today (I also used the bag in this post, which is super-cute, and matched the feel of the outfit, but still had a kind of seriousness about it somehow, like, “I AM SERIOUS. I WILL WORK HARD SO I CAN BUY PRETTY THINGS.” kind of a thing):

In Which Tracy Looks Terrific: Shoooooooooes
Shoes! I’ve had these shoes seemingly for a million years. I think I got them while I was in college. And if I didn’t get them while I was in college, I definitely got them when I was working in either AMAP/Plot or The Topic, which is somewhere between 7 and 8 years ago. AND THEY’RE NOT EVEN LEATHER. They’re just amazing.

In Which Tracy Looks Terrific: The Complete Outfit
The Complete Outfit. Yes, I only buttoned up one of my buttons, because it makes my shape look better. And yes, my hair looks dreadful because it’s been blown around by the wind. I hope it didn’t look this bad while I was in the room with the council ladies…

In Which Tracy Looks Terrific: See the difference when I wear the purple belt vs. the black belt?
See the difference? I think the pop of colour from the purple belt makes a huge, huge difference – and also the fact that the purple belt is less malleable meant that it didn’t squish up under my boobs and disappear. Which is totally a good thing.

Just ignore the cat butt in the background…

I feel like I should point out at this juncture that this is probably the first time since I was a kid that I’ve gone out in an outfit – not including dresses, because this is also technically a dress, but it’s mimicking something else in its styling – that the top doesn’t extend over the bottom, covering my stomach.

See, my huge, huge, hugest fear is that people will see my stomach hanging down. It’s stupid, because it’s completely obviously there, and I actually don’t worry about my huge butt, but my stomach? Yes. I worry about them seeing my stomach. I cannot get t-shirts or tops long enough to cover it, and it sends me into panic attacks sometimes when I’m trying to find something to wear and I can’t find a top that meets my jeans/trousers/jogging pants and goes beyond them.

The best tops I can find to do this? Those skater-style arse-skimming “dresses” that are in right now. I’m tall enough and everything on me hands low enough that it just looks like a long top on me, which is kind of shitty – and also why we should have models at both ends of the scale. (Seriously. Look at that dress, above, on me, and then look at the dress on the model. I’m 5′ 10″, and I weigh somewhere around 373~lbs. How tall is the model in the SimplyBe photo? The skirt doesn’t reach MY knees. And look at the photo of me in the slip, below. And look at the photo of the model in the slip. Same story. Models on both ends of the scale. Seriously.)

In Which Tracy Looks Terrific: Tracy actually owns lingerie
I actually own lingerie. I like this slip; it’s multi-way, so I can take the straps off, or do them crossover or whatever. It also doesn’t slide up, which is awesome. Minus points? It doesn’t suck my stomach in as much as I’d like. 🙁

Fatshion Future?

So, today’s “interview” wasn’t even a proper interview. What happened was a 10-minute written test: “are these license plates the same or different/are these street names the same or different; do these sums with time, and then put the answers in ascending order”. (The last part was actually evil.)

The problem is that I was informed in the email that it would be an interview-stroke-written assessment that would last HALF AN HOUR, which generally means talking to someone.

I mean, I’m glad I put the effort in, because (as I said on Instagram), I’d rather put the effort in and (having been shown to put the effort in), get the job, than put no effort in and not get the job.

I’ve got to wait and see if I get called up for a second interview, which probably will require actually talking to someone. In which case, WHAT DO I WEAR THEN?!

I have this dress that I bought from George @ ASDA last year, and even although it’s actually a size 24, some of the size 24s in ASDA have this weird tendency to fit me. (I’ve got at least 3 tops that fit me with no problem… :|)

And it’s a beautiful shape, and definitely interview material. But, I-need-an-opinion-time, is it too tight?

In Which Tracy Looks Terrific: A size 24 George @ ASDA dress
It looks kind of okay from the front, except for the gut-hips at the side.

And then we get to the side-shot, and I think: I know this is supposed to be fit-and-flare, but this is a little too extreme, isn’t it?

So, what say y’all? Does the dress need to weight (haha, that pun’ll never get old) until I’ve lost a good few inches? Or do we think it looks all right now?

I personally like the top part of it, but not the bottom. I think the butt-n-belly make it too short, and a slight breeze’ll mean my lingerie’s on show for the whole world. I’m thinking that for the next interview, if I’m not wearing this, I’m probably going to go for my smart city shorts and… something.

I want more polka dots.

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3 thoughts on “In Which Tracy Looks Totally Fabulous In Fatshion”

  1. It’s a gorgeous dress but I agree, it is a tad short for an interview. How about a pair of black leggings that finish just below calf level? I also think that obi-belt would look great on that dress. Good luck 🙂

    1. My kingdom for a pair of leggings like that, that stay where they’re meant to! I had a pair that were just-below-the-calf, and no matter what I do (wore them low on my waist, wore them high on my waist), they just keep on slipping up to my knees. The only way I can actually wear leggings is to wear ankle-length leggings, and they do two things: A) look terrible on me, and B) make me overheat like crazy. 🙁

      I totally agree, btw, re: the obi-belt. I think it’ll look awesome with that dress, but I’ll definitely need to lose a GOOD couple of inches to wear it, because of the way belts pull my dresses up under my boobs. It’ll make it about six inches shorter or something. XD But one day. ONE DAY.

      1. I getcha, I have 50kg (110lbs) to lose and lose weight the quickest from my waist which is nice. I found leggings from the local stores just weren’t high enough and would roll down under my stomach which in turn crinkled my leggings like old lady pantyhose! I bought some amazing ones from the US where the waist is so high it sits under my boobs, no more rolling down!
        Like yourself, I carry weight around my middle and often wear a belt to highlight my waist. It breaks up the outfit and makes any dress look less like a sack.
        Anyway, look forward to seeing your outfit for the second interview. Thank you for your wonderfully written blog 🙂

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