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In Which Tracy Joins Slimming World

Last week, Mum and I finally managed to make it to join Slimming World. We’ve been talking about it for a while, now, but college timetables were evil. We finally got to join last week, the first week of my Easter Break.

Thing is, I weighed myself at the New Year, so I know what weight I was at the start of the year. And when I got weighed last week, I’d managed to gain about 20lbs since the start of the year, if not more (my memory of what my weight was in pounds is a little foggy, if I’m honest) and I’d gotten to the point where my back pain was getting really bad again, so I knew I’d gained SOMETHING. Just didn’t realise quite how much it was until I stepped on the scales.

-7.5lbs since April 6, 2017

I got my 1/2 stone award (Slimming World version of a Silver 7™ from Weight Watchers) – and I got a certificate, and you’re supposed to get a sticker, too, but I was incorrectly given a 1.5st loss award, instead of 7lb loss, so I’ll need to swap that out next week at weigh-in.

The good news is that I’ve not been at all hungry this week. Not something I’ve ever really claimed before, but the only time I felt any hunger was one of the days when I didn’t eat breakfast, and meant to eat toast between dinner and bed time, and forgot. And even then, it was just a little hunger, not like, belly-gurgling, feeling-the-need-to-binge hunger.

So I’m okay with that.