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In Which Tracy Goes Smart-Casual For Her Interview

My second interview, the face-to-face interview, was this afternoon, and I’m going to apologise straight up, because I didn’t get a photo of my outfit. When I got home, basically what I did was the fastest undressing I think I’ve ever done in my life upon coming home (and this includes the few times that reproductive acts were imminent).

I’d gone through the interview, which I think went pretty well. I’ll not tell a lie: I’ll be very, very surprised if I get the job, as it involves being on my feet 7 hours a day, 5 days a week, and the other two gentlemen who were down in the foyer with me were… well. “Normal”-sized.

I know they can’t not choose me on that basis, but I also had to answer that I had no experience in one of the questions, as that was complete truth (no, I have no experience with car parks from a parking point of view, other than yelling at my Dad from the side/backseat about how bad other people’s parking is), but I’m supposed to find out tomorrow, so we’ll see.

Luckily, however, there was this photo that @CommitToAwesome on Twitter replied to two days ago that made me think of which outfit I wanted to wear:

Almost My Job Interview Outfit
I didn’t wear the hat, and I wore my black boots and my smart city shorts instead of leggings. I also wore the Obi-Belt underneath my boobs. Before I rushed out the door, I had a moment to think: “I look like I’m auditioning for a part on Pirates of The Caribbean.”

I meant to take my coat off when I got into the building, but kept it on because I didn’t take my bag off. Oops. So I got interviewed wearing a bright red coat instead of my cream-coloured Victorian-inspired dress. Hopefully the sleeves of which covered the tattoo on my wrist; I’ve been turned down for a job before, the role of which didn’t even deal with the public, because “we can’t hire you because of your tattoo; it goes against our ethics”. No joke.

Makeup was a smokey eye (with a tiny hint of pink), the pink-toned pillarbox red lipstick, and my eyebrows filled in. The second that I put foundation on, I swear my eyebrows disappear.

Makeup for Interview
The makeup I wore for the interview: smokey eye (with a hint of pink); contoured cheeks; pink-red lips.

I Hate This Foundation
Unfortunately, this is what my foundation looked like. It didn’t look this bad when I was putting it on, I swear. The different lights, I suppose? But when I was taking it off, I just sort of went, “WHOA WHAT THE HELL,” and immediately found the foundation and threw it in the bin, because despite the fact it looked fine on my jawline when I tried it on, and the fact that I’ve put it on with my fingers before, this is the first time I’ve put it on with my ACTUAL FOUNDATION BRUSH LIKE I’M SUPPOSED TO, AND IT LOOKS DREADFUL.

Fingers crossed the ladies in the interview didn’t count my foundation against me. Everything else looked good, right?!

Ugh, but anyway. I got out of the interview, had a wee cheeky McD’s for my lunch (3/4s of a Chicken Royale, 1/2 large fries, 1/2 large milkshake. I’d have been better ordering a medium meal, but I’d forgotten how much smaller my portions are since restarting my Slimpods, and I really wanted the Monopoly pieces…) and headed down to Watt Brothers for some more wool (why? My wool box is actually overflowing. I don’t need new wool. But I need different colours, which is annoying. I need a bigger damn BOX. XD) and then down to Iceland to buy some ACTUAL FOOD.

Or, well. Actual FROZEN FOOD.

Like, I have frozen breaded cod fillets, and Aunt Bessie’s chips, and a turkey breast, and chicken breasts, and things like that, and again, I won’t lie: I bought Cornettos. But I have FOOD. In my freezer. I need to actually go to Lidl tomorrow on the way home from therapy to get fruit and veggies and milk and eggs and stuff, but I have FOOD.



It also meant that I was walking around for an hour and a half just as my painkillers were running out, so I got a bus home instead of walking the half mile. Not lazy. Also not a waste of money, because the buses were broken all day, and weren’t charging anyone anything. 😀 I got a free ride into town, and a free ride back home.

Can’t complain about that.

Now I just need to get through tomorrow and see how this job interview has turned out. See if smart/casual was the way to go, or not.