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In Which Tracy Goes Into The Woods Again

In Which Tracy Goes Into The Woods Again - Title Image

Into The Woods

I’ve been waiting for a good enough day to walk home from Mum and Dad’s house, so that I could go through Udston and Glenlee Woods again; the last time I was there was apparently September 2013, according to Foursquare. And since I’m the one who created the Foursquare check-ins for the two woods, and I’m probably the only one who knows they exist, I’m probably the only person who’s ever checked into them.

So I’ll trust Foursquare on that one.

It was kind of weird. Still a little muddy, not really as overgrown as I thought it’d be. I know that green things tend to stop growing in the winter, given that whole lack of nourishing sunshine thing, but I also know that there are some things in the woods that thrive in winter.

It was even more weird that the place looked completely empty in some places, though. I know that there are some spots that are new plants, and so it’s expected that the trees are going to be extra-bare when there aren’t any leaves around, but it actually looks like half of the trees are gone at one bit.

At another bit, just as you get into the Glenlee Woods, there was this awesome bit, where I normally go down to the left and follow the creek down, but today I went to the right.

Mostly because of this, on the left:

In Which Some Things Didn't WANT Tracy To Go Into The Woods Again
In Which Some Things Didn’t WANT Tracy To Go Into The Woods Again

I probably could have gotten under it, but with the ground as squishy as it was, I also didn’t wanna risk going to the left and falling on my ass and rolling into the creek. (I’m not sure it is a creek. I’m pretty sure if you follow it, though, it leads to the River Clyde. Which, in turn, leads down to my hometown of Greenock. Which is pretty shibby.)

So I went to the right, and found the big Oak tree. I’m not ashamed to say that I talked to him for a wee minute. You have to talk to Oak trees. *nod* Especially when you’re from Greenock. (Green. Oak. Well, not really, but it’s a town legend. *grin*)

Then I crossed the bridge, and found one of the two big American Redwoods – I read somewhere that there are only two in these woods, although how the hell there are two American Redwoods in these woods in the first place, I’ll never know! – and went over to see it, because it looked, I swear to god, like the bark was fuzzy! It wasn’t exactly fuzzy, but it was kind of… it had just kind of broken like that, so the ends were all soft and not jaggy, and it was really nice, actually!

And then there were the cheeky grey squirrels running over my head and dropping the blossoms on me, and the guy who looked at me like I was nuts ’cause I looked like I was just staring at the trees when I was actually watching the squirrels, oops. XD

But there are so many bare patches, it’s weird. Hard to say whether the Council’s clear-up guys have been in and were over-zealous, or whether it’s just because it’s spring and everything isn’t back to its end-of-summer beauty like I saw it last year, which is kind of sad, because it was beautiful last year, when I was picking wild raspberries the whole time, and even when I couldn’t get my hands on any brambles because everyone else was stealing them, it was still beautiful.

And the best news is that if I get this job I’m going for on Wednesday, I can walk through Glenlee to get to it every day it’s a good day! How’s that for a nice wee bonus, eh?

Fingers crossed.