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The Zero Excuses Challenge Weigh-In: Week One



It looks weird, to zero out my tracker again, but it’s Week One of the Zero Excuses Weight Loss Challenge, and so my Zero Scale says “0 Days: 0.0lbs”.

(That said: I’m pretty sure I gained this week, but I’m not sure how much. My knees hurt.)

PART ONE: For the next six weeks (and, if I find it’s manageable, longer) I’ll be eating a (probably adapted) Paleo diet. That’s part one of the challenge. I was sent a few ideas for meals, snacks, breakfasts, etc, and I made two huge pots of paleo-friendly pumpkin soup that should last me thru Friday at least.

(Note to self: stop being poor, so that you can afford the ingredients list.

Note to Britain: start selling things like coconut water and coconut flour in SUPERMARKETS so that I don’t have to buy them on eBay/Amazon. Luckily, I already had a bag of coconut flour in my pantry that I’d bought and never used while I was doing Tony Ferguson. NOW I CAN HOPEFULLY USE IT IF I FIND A GOOD RECIPE. I’m thinking: pancakes.)


This is my recommended workout plan.

I think that I am possibly going to die. 🙂

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4 thoughts on “The Zero Excuses Challenge Weigh-In: Week One”

  1. Thanks for sending the video! For some reason I can't move the advertising block on your blog and can only read half of it.

    Yep, the work outs are intense, I am looking forward to no weight training tomorrow!

    1. No problem re: the video! 🙂

      I’m just curious: what operating system and internet explorer are you using? I’ve never had a problem with the advertising overlapping my text, and I thought I’d checked all the browsers… huh. I’m thinking of changing the layout come December anyway, so hopefully that problem’ll go away soon.

      The cardio-only day was such a welcome relief, wasn’t it?! I’m actually really enjoying the weight training, though. I feel like I’m DOING SOMETHING. But six days a week is something I’m not used to. It’s gonna be a struggle, but I’m gonna keep doing it!

  2. I'm curious – is the Paleo thing new? I saw you are using some of the recipes and wondered what you thought (and thanks for the Pumpkin soup recipe which looks yummy). I'm still trying to stick to Low GI because I know that carbs just send me over the edge and make me insanely hungry. Paleo virtually eliminates carbs as I thought I might give some of it a go. I understood that some of the food is very expensive though (since you need to eat grass-fed organic meat and such).

    1. Trying to find grass-fed organic meat here is RIDICULOUSLY difficult, so I'm doing the best I can. (i.e. I'm eating MEAT. I don't care if it's grass-fed, organic, whatever. MEAT is close enough for the time being, because ORGANIC = adds about £15 onto my already non-existent budget.)

      I just started the Paleo thing on Monday, to coincide with the challenge, and so far… so far, it's like when I was doing Tony Ferguson. Extremely limiting, but I'm enjoying it. I understand that some people can probably do this long-term, but it's so difficult for me, personally, to have vegetables vegetables vegetables with EVERY MEAL (I know you probably should anyway!) because I eventually get sick of the taste of them. XD

      I won't have a problem sticking it out for the six weeks, but we'll see how I go beyond that. I think the biggest challenge is budgetary restraints (vegetables, fruit and meat are all VERY expensive) and trying not to eat things like sweetcorn and corn-on-the-cob (it's a vegetable! What's wrong with them?!) and sweet potatoes. Two of my favourites, eliminated!

      The good thing is, I hardly ate bread as is, so cutting that out of my diet isn't too much of a challenge. *grin*

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