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The Zero Excuses Challenge Weigh-In: Week Six



Another 2.2lbs down.

That’s almost a stone in 5 weeks. Mum pointed that out this morning when I told her I was down another 2.2lbs this week. See, normally I just round down (I don’t round up when it comes to weight loss), but in the case of this challenge, I’ve been writing it up straight as the scale tells it. When it comes to the new year, I’ll weigh myself in ONCE and then use the Zero Scale for the rest of the year, and I’ll probably include all of those little zero point somethings as I lose weight.

But yeah, when I said to Mum this morning, “down another 2.2lbs this week! That’s me down 13.4lbs since the start of this challenge.”

She kind of gave me this amazed look and went, “That’s almost a stone.”

I’ve been thinking in pounds (and kilograms, in the case of lifting and squeezing weights in the gym) for so long, it didn’t even register with me that 14lbs is a stone.

I’ve lost almost a stone in 5 weeks.

Holy crap.

That’s not even the thing that’s exciting me.

The thing that’s exciting me is the fact that I can feel the muscles I’m forming. In my upper legs and my biceps and triceps. When I’m sitting down, you can feel the muscles in my upper legs. I know that after almost two years of Spinning (two years in March 2013, baby!) I should have SOME muscle from Spinning, but the amount of leg work we’ve been doing I think has just really HELPED, and my arms?

When I was at my sister’s this weekend for a Christmas movie night (Raymond Brigg’s Father Christmas, Gremlins, a bucketload of popcorn and Diet Coke, and so much family time I almost can’t stand it. 😀 I love my family, OMG.) my big sister had her head on my arm and she was like, “You’re such a good pillow!” and I was like, “HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE WITH THE AMOUNT OF MUSCLE I’VE GOT IN MY ARM?” and then I realised I wasn’t tensing my arm. Then I tensed all my arm muscles and she started complaining about how uncomfortable it was. *laughs*

I know I’m not an athlete; I’m far from it.

But I feel like this challenge has given me a really, really good springboard for 2012.

The Zero Excuses Weight Loss Challenge Exercise Guide

Speaking of the challenge, it’s now WEEK SIX, people!

For those of you following along at home, THIS IS WHERE THINGS CHANGE.

I’ve included Rich’s video below, but below that, there’s the calendar and a sum-up for those who don’t want to watch it. BUT I RECOMMEND YOU WATCH THE VIDEO.


Okay, so:

Monday, Thursday: Chest press and row
Tuesday, Friday: Shoulder press and upright row
Wednedsay, Saturday: Reverse deltoid fly and front fly

10-12 reps of each, then move onto the next. Enough weight to KILL YOU. Use the calendar to include the lower body and core moves for each day as well. DON’T FORGET YOUR CARDIO!

And Wednesday isn’t a cardio-only day this week!


Click for larger!

Weekly Progress Pictures

And don’t forget: until December 23, 2011, you can get 15% off The Zero Scale by using the promo code “ZERO” at their website, to get yourself a Zero Scale for those who want to follow along at home!

I received The Zero Scale and The Zero Scale Pedometer for free in exchange for taking part in The Zero Excuses Weight Loss Challenge, and posting on FATGIRLslim.org with my review and experiences of the product. All opinions expressed are my own, and I have received no monetary compensation for any of the posts relating to The Zero Scale or The Zero Excuses Weight Loss Challenge.

I am not a personal trainer or a dietitian. Please consult your doctor or GP before embarking on a new diet or exercise program. All opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. YAY! Tracy I can just feel your enthusiasm bubbling all through this post. So happy for you… just think at a time of year when most people are gaining weight, you are losing. Keep on keeping on!!

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