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The Zero Excuses Challenge Weigh-In: Week Four



So, as I was expecting, I gained weight this week.

I didn’t quite expect to gain four pounds, but I’m dealing with it in the only way I can:

I’m keeping going!

I’m literally just back from the gym. My sister’s just taken my weekly progress pictures. I’ve just changed out of my sweaty gear (I don’t shower every day; I’ve washed myself over, but I shower after major workouts, like my Spinning and Zumba days) and I’m nice and warm in my winter sweater and my slippers.

And I’m kind of annoyed at myself, but it’s over and done with, and I’m looking forward to the next week.

I’m still at an overall loss of 7lbs, and a 7lb average for 3 weeks is a pretty good average! I’ll take it!

This Wednesday, apparently the South Lanarkshire Leisure Centre staff are striking. Industrial Action? Something like that. My Spinning class isn’t going to be on; the centre is going to be closed entirely. I can’t go to that gym, and I can’t go swimming.

The Jock Stein Centre is closing early, so if I want to go to the gym on Wednesday, I’m going to have to get up early and head down before 4pm.

Since I’ve been sleeping until 2pm and 3pm with these damn new tablets lately, that’s gonna be fun, but I’m still pretty annoyed that I can’t go to my class. 🙁 I understand the need for civil action re: wages and pensions, etc, but goddamnit, I hate missing my classes. We’re coming up to the festive period, and they’re gonna stop for Christmas soon, and now I’m missing one?


(I wholly support people who feel the need to strike, though, so long as their cause is worthy!)

So either I go to the gym on Wednesday early morning/afternoon, or I make Wednesday my rest day, and I work out from Thursday through to next Saturday without a break.

I think I know which one I’d prefer, if I can make it happen.

Tomorrow, I get to go grocery shopping.

And I won’t be buying myself anymore tins of Roses.

Weekly Progress Pictures

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