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The Zero Excuses Challenge Weigh-In: Week Five



Yay! I’m back down to my original weigh-in weight.

I realise that’s not what I should be saying at this point in the challenge, but I’m still thrilled with being 11(.2)lbs down in four weeks.

As I head into the fifth week, I’m mostly thinking:

I’m really, really exhausted.

I honestly didn’t think that adding on two extra days of working out would hit me as hard as it has, but it has! I thought I’d have more energy at this point, but, as always, my medications are making sure I’m sleeping for 13 or 14 hours a day, and my sciatica (which I’m still inclined to think, given my other conditions/symptoms, is actually fibromyalgia) is making sure I’m still in pain, even after I’m medicated.

My eating this past week was a lot better than in week three. No tins of roses for this girl!

I will admit, however, that I wasn’t 100% Paleo; I have actually allowed myself a bowl of honey Cheerios in the evenings if I’ve been hungry, and those are definitely not Paleo.

But they’ve allowed me to feel like I’m indulging myself, and since I don’t wake up early enough to eat breakfast, that covers that, too.

I’m wondering if I wasn’t eating enough, again.

Other than the fact that I ate an entire tin of Roses in week three, I’m wondering if I plain wasn’t eating enough. I was having lunch upon waking, then dinner at dinner time, and then a large portion of fruit after dinner – grapes or pineapple or something like that, sometimes with a couple of spoons of Greek yoghurt.

But then I wouldn’t have anything else to eat. Because my dinners are large enough to keep me full. The only reason I ate the chocolates was because they were there.

So I’m wondering, yeah. If I wasn’t eating enough. I know it’s sometimes not about how many calories you take in, as it is about how much food you take in.

Something to think on.

Weekly Progress Pictures

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4 thoughts on “The Zero Excuses Challenge Weigh-In: Week Five”

  1. Good job Tracey! Now you just keep on keeping on until you show a loss for the entire challenge. I do agree that it's quite possible that you weren't eating enough. That sounds like an awful long stretch between wakeup and dinner. I tend to eat 5 times a day at least… breakfast, lunch, dinner and a couple of snacks. Sometimes after dinner I add another piece of fruit or the like. Have you tried Rich's idea of eating about 10 calories per pound of goal weight? For example, if you wanted to weigh 160 pounds you'd start eating 1600 calories right now. You'd lose weight and I bet your overall food would be much better, especially if you are doing hard workouts.

    1. Well, I wake up at around 2pm, most days (unless it's Tuesdays/Sundays), because I'm A) unemployed and B) on a LOT of "do not operate heavy machinery" medication that knocks me out for HOURS on end! It's usually only a few hours between waking ("breakfast" aka lunch) and dinner, thank god.

      I read that idea, but since I want to weigh 145lbs, I'd be eating 1450kcal, and… I'd probably put my body into panic mode! I've tried a 1,200 calorie diet before, and I lost nothing over the space of three months, even while going to the gym twice a week and going to my Spinning class on a Sunday! Now I go to three Spin classes a week, a Zumba class, and I go the gym to lift weights/core/etc the five days on top of that, I really don't think a restrictive low-calorie diet like that would work for me. If it's unintentionally low-calorie, but full of food, i.e. the way Paleo works, where I get a lot of food for very few calories, it'd probably work, but if I intentionally try to eat 1,450 calories a day, I know for a fact it wouldn't work!

      Thing is, this week, I said to myself: I don't wanna do Paleo anymore. It's too restrictive. And then I ate (mostly; probably 80%) Paleo anyway! It's such an easy thing to follow, and I'm finding myself loving it. 🙂 Restrictive? HAH.

      Hopefully this coming week will be awesome, too, and then… week 6! I wonder what week 6 has in store for us…?

    1. Hey, Debbie! I think it's important that you keep going, ESPECIALLY after something like The Tin Of Roses. I've let things like that get me down before, and that's why I've stopped and started so many times! This time, I'm determined to keep going, no matter how many bumps in the road I have. Don't be disheartened by the little things. 🙂 Let the big successes overrule the little glitches! <3

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