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The Zero Excuses Challenge Weigh-In: The Final Weigh-In



It’s That Time Of The Month again, so I’m simultaneously dying of cramps, and dying of this cold that I’ve had since last Friday.

It’s not a pretty sight.

I wish I’d lost more this week, but that’s how it goes when it’s That Time Of The Month; we know that.

And I can’t complain when I’ve lost a stone in six weeks.

Now I’m just gonna take it easy-ish until the New Year, try to get over this damn cold, and go to my doctor and see if we can’t figure out why I’m in so much pain every time I wake up in the morning.

(Not just in my hip any more. Both my hips now. All up my spine, and across my shoulders, and my ribcage. It’s making sleeping difficult. I’m not enjoying it at all.

God knows when I’ll get an appointment for, because it’s the week before Christmas, and next week, it’s holidays until Wednesday here in the UK.

We’ll see. I’ll get an appointment ASAP, because my painkillers are doing nothing, or they’re wearing off while I’m asleep and leaving me in agony.)

That said:

I am proud of myself for the past six weeks. I am really, really proud of myself for the past six weeks.

I just hope I can keep up the weight loss and motivation through into 2012.


Weekly Progress Pictures

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  1. The way I see it is you are 14 pounds less than you were 6 weeks ago – all good! I hope you got in to see the doctor and if I'm not back before then, Merry Christmas Tracey!

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