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The Exante Diet Review: Day Two

FATGIRLslim | The Exante Diet

Last week, I was offered the chance to trial a week’s worth of Exante Diet [afilliate link!] products, and I know that The Exante Diet have really expanded their product line since the first time I did a week-long review of Exante Diet products.

So, for this entire week, I was doing a weekly vlog and then I had planned to do one big review (I’m writing this on Thursday, 24 September), but have decided to split the reviews up and post them on their respective days, with one collated review at the end.

The Exante Diet Review: Day Two, The Vlog

The Exante Diet Review: Day Two, The Review

Please note that all links to The Exante Diet products are affiliate links, meaning that if you choose to follow these links and purchase any product, I will receive a small affiliate fee. This in no way reflects upon you, and does not mean you endorse FATGIRLslim, and it does not affect your price or the cost of the product.

Products eaten today were as follows:

Hazelnut Flavour Shake

I had really been looking forward to the Hazelnut Flavour Shake, and I was pretty disappointed with it… which is disappointing. >:( Of course. It’s just not quite right. Again, the same problem as I had with the vanilla flavour shake: it’s just not quite sweet enough to carry the flavour. If it had been that little bit sweeter, it might have been better.

The consistency’s perfect, again, of course. Nice and smooth and milky.

Alas, just a ★★★☆☆/★★★★★ for the hazelnut flavour shake.

Gooey Summer Pudding

FATGIRLslim | The Exante Diet: Gooey Summer Pudding

Cake for lunch? Yes, please.

I really, really like this, no matter whether it wasn’t exactly “gooey” in the centre. It wasn’t dry in the centre, but it certainly wasn’t wet, and it wasn’t gooey and runny like it shows in the product photography for the gooey chocolate and gooey salted caramel puddings, but it was cooked properly, and tasted wonderful.

(I’m trying to think: it says on the product page to cook for 1 minute, but the package says to cook for 1m 30s, and then to sit for 30s. Slightly conflicting instructions. I’d rather have a fully cooked cake, personally!)

That said: still delicious. Lovely flavour. Lovely texture. Cake for lunch.

What’s not to love?

★★★★★/★★★★★ for the Gooey Summer Pudding

Sweet & Sour Noodles

FATGIRLslim | The Exante Diet: Sweet & Sour Noodles

FATGIRLslim | The Exante Diet: Sweet & Sour Noodles

Love at first bite. It’s thick and tasty and the soy pieces are meaty, and the noodles are thick, and the sauce is thick and very saucy, and I just.


Gimme more. Gimme all the Sweet & Sour Noodles.

It’s not too sweet and not too sour. Somewhere perfectly in the middle. I have absolutely no complaints about this meal whatsoever. None.


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