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The Exante Diet Review: Day Eight

FATGIRLslim | The Exante Diet

Last week, I was offered the chance to trial a week’s worth of Exante Diet [afilliate link!] products, and I know that The Exante Diet have really expanded their product line since the first time I did a week-long review of Exante Diet products.

So, for this entire week, I was doing a weekly vlog and then I had planned to do one big review (I’m writing this on Thursday, 24 September), but have decided to split the reviews up and post them on their respective days, with one collated review at the end.

The Exante Diet Review: Day Eight, The Vlog

The Exante Diet Review: Day Eight, The Review

Please note that all links to The Exante Diet products are affiliate links, meaning that if you choose to follow these links and purchase any product, I will receive a small affiliate fee. This in no way reflects upon you, and does not mean you endorse FATGIRLslim, and it does not affect your price or the cost of the product.

Products eaten today were as follows:

Cherries and Berries Shake

OH MY GOD YES PLEASE. I have a thing about cherries. If you only ever learn one thing about me, learn this: I love fake cherry flavour over real cherry flavour any day of the week. And if I could eat any two fruits until the end of time, they’d be mangos and cherries.

This shake was, again, more like one of The Exante Diet Blueberry Smoothies. It was nice and thick and milkshake-like. It tasted wonderful. It had a luxurious texture. Plenty of flavour. None of the berries’ flavours overpowered the other.

It was excellent. I would absolutely drink this again and again.

★★★★★/★★★★★ for the Cherries and Berries Shake

Strawberry Shake

The Exante Diet Strawberry Shake was previously reviewed on day five, so here’s a copy & paste of that review:


This is the first shake all week so far where I’ve not even liked the consistency. Too gritty. Not sure if it didn’t mix right, or if it’s just… not good.


Indian Style Curry With Rice

The Indian Style Curry With Rice was previously reviewed on day one, so here’s a copy & paste of that review:

FATGIRLslim | The Exante Diet: Indian Style Curry With Rice

I fell in love with the Indian Style Curry with Rice as soon as I started eating it. I’m so used to curry-flavoured things tasting of nothing but curry powder, and this is such a departure that it kind of blew me away.

It’s vegetarian-friendly, and has chillies, curry powders, peppers, soy products instead of meat, and the obvious rice to give it texture. It doesn’t look like much in the picture, given that it’s in the bottom of a coffee mug and doesn’t seem to fill much of it, but it’s actually surprisingly filling once it’s in your stomach.

It also leaves a pleasant tingling on your tongue. Quite spicy – but not in a hot way. I think it’s the chillies. It’s really, really tasty, and I was really blown away by it.

★★★★★/★★★★★ – yes, yes, yes, yes!