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the end of the beginning

So, yes. I’ve been thinking about this for a while, but…

Well, I’m not going to go back to Weight Watchers. For multiple reasons, actually, but, just for the moment, I’m only going to give two reasons:

1) I just don’t have the money at the minute. I always wonder where my money goes, and, if you count it all up, last year I spent €500-ish on classes, and probably €200+ on cookbooks, calculators and journals and sweets in class and things.

2) It’s not really working for me at the minute. You might have noticed that – especially if you look at the tags. The “weight gain” and “weight loss” tags are almost the same count, which is really bad when you consider it’s supposed to be a weightloss blog.

What this all boils down to is that… well. I’ve been eating like a “normal” me, which probably means I’m going to have gained about 6lbs by the end of this weekend (but Gods, I hope not. Ouch!) and come Monday…

Come Monday, I’m going to give the South Beach Diet a shot. I bought South Beach Diet Supercharged and the The South Beach Diet Quick & Easy Cookbook while I was on holiday. I like the sound of it; I’ve read through Supercharged and really, it has links with the Core Plan, except that you HAVE to snack on nuts or salad or whatever, and you get to eat low-fat dairy, and just.

It sounds like a better idea. It is going to be a God-almighty difficult two weeks. Since I’ve come home, my blood sugar level’s been swinging like crazy – mostly because I spent a lot of the holiday eating honey BBQ sauce on my buffalo wings and I had almost a whole Cheesecake Factory to myself – and it just…

Weight Watchers isn’t working just now. If I make it to Phase 2 (and I know that I have more than enough recipes; I also have Kalyn’s Kitchen for more recipe ideas) then we’ll see how the more normal foods list helps me.

But I honestly think this is for the best right now. I’ll post soon, hopefully with an updated (and more than likely upped) weight.

Just wish me luck?!

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2 thoughts on “the end of the beginning”

  1. Good Luck!!

    Personally, I’m pretty anti-weight watchers. But I’m a cheap bastard.

    I think out of the diets that have their own books, South Beach is probably the most reasonable one that I know of – plus it worked for Jennette Fulda aka Pasta Queen.

  2. Thank you!

    I've never really been anti-anything-that-can-help-me-lose-weight, but I'm one of those "tried every diet under the sun" people, when I'm really not. But yes! I'm totally inspired by Jennette's success. As would most anybody be! The interesting thing is that I'm pretty much at what her start weight was, now that I've lost the 80-or-so-pounds.


    Thanks again! 😀

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