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Weekly Weigh-In: September 14, 2010

Image by ppreacher | by NCND 2.0 CC28st 9lbs +2lbs -12lb (5.44kg) – 256lbs (116.12kg) to go Not sure what happened this week. I stood on the scales yesterday morning at home, and they told me I'd lost 2lbs (weighing in at 397lbs), but when I weighed in at my meeting, they said I'd gained… Continue reading Weekly Weigh-In: September 14, 2010

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I think, what's interesting about the rejoining Weight Watchers thing, is that Niamh's (Niamh is one of the girls I work with) mum rejoined Jenny's evening class the same day that I rejoined Patricia's morning class. The original reason that I got to thinking about rejoining in the first place was that I talked to… Continue reading spam, spam, not-so-wondrous spam