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Weekly Weigh-In #31: August 15, 2011

25st 2lbs(352lbs/159.66kg) 0lbs -30lb (-13.61kg) 207lbs (93.89kg) to go Stayed the same this week. I'm not at all surprised. After 3/7 days spent away from home or travelling, and having missed my Friday night Spinning class, I couldn't hope for better. Considering what I ate when I was travelling/down in London, I don't think for… Continue reading Weekly Weigh-In #31: August 15, 2011

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In Which Fatso Is Exhausted

My little sister and I left for London at 22:40 on Wednesday night. We got back from London just before 06:00 on Friday morning. Lorna barely slept the entire time. I managed to catch some Zzzzs. I fairly enjoyed myself, even if my legs are hating me right now because I walked, like, 5 miles… Continue reading In Which Fatso Is Exhausted