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In Which Tracy Has Itchy Feet

Photo from Death To The Stock Photo I have itchy feet. The title may have told you that much. My last holiday was in 2009, when I went to Florida to visit my BFF Cola. Right before we moved home. I haven't left Scotland since, and I feel like I'm going mad, being stuck here.… Continue reading In Which Tracy Has Itchy Feet

babble, food, holiday

The Sunshine State of Mind

So, I'm in Florida. I also haven't updated my SparkPage since, like... Friday. Because I haven't had a computer with me! I'm currently bumming my friend Cola's computer (a PC! ICK. UNCLEAN. I'm a Mac girl to the core now, but my MacBook's screen is pretty much unusable, and my iPhone isn't exactly the best… Continue reading The Sunshine State of Mind