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In Which Fatso Cooks

So I've talked about it before (more than once, but for some reason, that's all that comes up when I search!) , how much I love butternut squash. Tonight, my parents are away celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary (happy anniversary, parents!) thanks to my big sister, so my little sister and I have been left… Continue reading In Which Fatso Cooks

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operation south beach: day 7

Ew, today has not really been a good day. Well, food-wise it has. Not a single slip-up. Don't get me wrong, though, I can't wait until next Sunday, when I move into Phase 2. I don't really have physical cravings anymore, but I can't get pasta and rice off my mind! Hahaha. No, today's "ew"… Continue reading operation south beach: day 7