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October Sucks

actually weighed myself yesterday morning so that I've got a start weight for a week of meal replacement products from Exante that I've to review, and it was... well. Not at, but close enough to, my highest-ever weight of 449lbs, that I'm now just sort of staring at the screenshot above and going, "It's been seven years? It's ONLY been seven years, and I managed to regain almost 100lbs - as well as losing some/regaining some/losing some/regaining some etc ad nauseum?!"

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I’ve Finally Recovered From Spinfit

As you may have read, I went back to Spinfit on Friday. I've only today recovered from the 30-minute workout. See, I was going to go to the gym after finishing class, but honestly? I came out of the room, sat down on the stairs, and I thought I was going to die. Therefore I… Continue reading I’ve Finally Recovered From Spinfit

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In Which I Drag Mum Back To Weight Watchers

I've been back at Weight Watchers since September now, and I've been up and down so much you'd think I was on a rollercoaster, or someone was playing me like a yo-yo. Nope. I joined with best intentions, but between having to have my cat put to sleep last year, and my Aunt dying at… Continue reading In Which I Drag Mum Back To Weight Watchers

My Aunty Helen (left) with my big sister, Linda, on Linda's wedding day, 2014
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In Which I’m Grieving The Loss Of A Family Member

This is not the greatest start to 2018. Not by a long shot. Please bear in mind that I'm still grieving my cat, Twig. I was getting ready to go back to college this morning. Had an appointment at physiotherapy to see what they could do to help my knees (stretches and exercises to strengthen… Continue reading In Which I’m Grieving The Loss Of A Family Member