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Weekly Weigh-in #25: June 17, 2012

±0lbs 24st 8lbs(344lbs/156.04kg) (-3lbs/1.36kg) Oh well, the ascent into madness has stopped, but I didn't lose anything this week, either. My general mood this week was good (except for one blip in the middle, but family and friends saw to it that I didn't dwell on matters) so I didn't even feel like going over… Continue reading Weekly Weigh-in #25: June 17, 2012

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H2… oh!

Do you know what I miss? I miss H2OH!. When we were living in Ireland, when I was still attending Weight Watchers, they recommended it when it was first released, especially for those of us who were avid soda drinkers. Admittedly, it was a little more expensive than soda, and a lot more expensive than… Continue reading H2… oh!