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Weekly Weigh-In: April 22, 2019

I am probably literally eating myself to death. A few years ago, I'd have been fine with that, to be honest, after Zero died. But I've finally hit a point where I actually care about what happens to me. I care that I'd in pain all the time. I care that I feel like crap when I eat the wrong types of food. I have my back pain, my migraines, I have bowel issues, I have a mutant leg which is worse than it ever was, and my foot's so swollen that I can't get it into my trainers on some days.

babble, mental health, story of my life

October Sucks

actually weighed myself yesterday morning so that I've got a start weight for a week of meal replacement products from Exante that I've to review, and it was... well. Not at, but close enough to, my highest-ever weight of 449lbs, that I'm now just sort of staring at the screenshot above and going, "It's been seven years? It's ONLY been seven years, and I managed to regain almost 100lbs - as well as losing some/regaining some/losing some/regaining some etc ad nauseum?!"

My Aunty Helen (left) with my big sister, Linda, on Linda's wedding day, 2014
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In Which I’m Grieving The Loss Of A Family Member

This is not the greatest start to 2018. Not by a long shot. Please bear in mind that I'm still grieving my cat, Twig. I was getting ready to go back to college this morning. Had an appointment at physiotherapy to see what they could do to help my knees (stretches and exercises to strengthen… Continue reading In Which I’m Grieving The Loss Of A Family Member

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The Problem With Blogging For More Than A Decade…

...is that eventually, you're bound to run out of ideas of what to say. I mean, I've been blogging via FATGIRLslim since 2004, and a lot has changed since then. Blogging is not like it used to be. Don't get me wrong: I'm not quitting, and if I ever did decide to stop blogging, forever,… Continue reading The Problem With Blogging For More Than A Decade…

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In Which I’ve Got The Dreaded Lurgy

I can't believe it's the end of November already. Dad went up the loft today to bring down... dun dun dun... THE CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS. We probably won't put them up until NEXT weekend or so, or whenever Mum gets her strength back, but since we already have gifts to wrap, we needed the wrapping paper… Continue reading In Which I’ve Got The Dreaded Lurgy