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In Which Fatso Is Depressed

Well, technically, I'm not depressed. I suffer from bipolar disorder, type I, with hints of schizophrenia when I'm in my manic or "high" phases. Lately, I've been more depressed than manic, but this past week has been. Well. This past week, I ran out of medication for my bipolar disorder, which has pretty much left… Continue reading In Which Fatso Is Depressed

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I bet y’all are shocked!

This is the third (fourth? I forget) week in a row that something has stopped us from going to rejoin Weight Watchers. Oi. First week, I'd spent the previous night throwing up. Last week, I was sick, with a very VERY bad cold. Today, I slept plum through my alarm because I hadn't taken my… Continue reading I bet y’all are shocked!

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let’s start all over again

The last time I posted to say, "hey, I'm doing okay!" was in July. That's probably kind of bad, considering that it's almost September now. An entire month of slacking off and not doing anything, but instead, I ate what I wanted (mostly... um, bread.) and what I craved (lots and lots of sugar) and… Continue reading let’s start all over again