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In Which Fatso Is Exhausted

My little sister and I left for London at 22:40 on Wednesday night. We got back from London just before 06:00 on Friday morning. Lorna barely slept the entire time. I managed to catch some Zzzzs. I fairly enjoyed myself, even if my legs are hating me right now because I walked, like, 5 miles… Continue reading In Which Fatso Is Exhausted

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In Which Fatso’s Sister Returns!

Today, a few things happened. Today, I went to see my doctor, and I am now officially not taking Xenical any more. He is also pleased that I have joined the gym and is further pleased that I am following/rejoining (delete as applicable; ask me again on Monday) Weight Watchers, and has prescribed me Naproxen… Continue reading In Which Fatso’s Sister Returns!