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In Which I’ve Got The Dreaded Lurgy

I can't believe it's the end of November already. Dad went up the loft today to bring down... dun dun dun... THE CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS. We probably won't put them up until NEXT weekend or so, or whenever Mum gets her strength back, but since we already have gifts to wrap, we needed the wrapping paper… Continue reading In Which I’ve Got The Dreaded Lurgy

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Procrastination stations ahoy!

No, not really; it's not procrastination! See, the plan for us to go and rejoin Weight Watchers this week was completely scuppered because I was violently sick on Wednesday night! And by violently sick, I mean I lost 6lbs OVERNIGHT. Which is never good, really. I woke up on Thursday morning and I could barely… Continue reading Procrastination stations ahoy!