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Weekly Weigh-in: December 26, 2011

+2.8lbs -11.6lbs(-44.8lbs/20.32kg) Okay, I know this is the last weigh-in before the New Year, and I'll give an overall, overall loss for the year next week, but above we have: This week's gain. Then: The total loss since I started The Zero Excuses Weight Loss Challenge, followed by (the total loss this year in pounds/and… Continue reading Weekly Weigh-in: December 26, 2011

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Procrastination stations ahoy!

No, not really; it's not procrastination! See, the plan for us to go and rejoin Weight Watchers this week was completely scuppered because I was violently sick on Wednesday night! And by violently sick, I mean I lost 6lbs OVERNIGHT. Which is never good, really. I woke up on Thursday morning and I could barely… Continue reading Procrastination stations ahoy!