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In Which I Start To Recognise Bad Habits

A vlog in which I talk about recognising that I'm slipping back into bad habits: not tracking for a day led into not tracking for three or four days. Putting one bag of crisps into my cart in Tesco on Saturday led to checking out with THREE bags of crisps in my cart - and… Continue reading In Which I Start To Recognise Bad Habits

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In Which Tracy Has Itchy Feet

Photo from Death To The Stock Photo I have itchy feet. The title may have told you that much. My last holiday was in 2009, when I went to Florida to visit my BFF Cola. Right before we moved home. I haven't left Scotland since, and I feel like I'm going mad, being stuck here.… Continue reading In Which Tracy Has Itchy Feet

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In Which Fatso Is Exhausted

My little sister and I left for London at 22:40 on Wednesday night. We got back from London just before 06:00 on Friday morning. Lorna barely slept the entire time. I managed to catch some Zzzzs. I fairly enjoyed myself, even if my legs are hating me right now because I walked, like, 5 miles… Continue reading In Which Fatso Is Exhausted

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How to disappoint oneself.

This is crossposted from my SparkPeople blog. I just couldn't figure out how to say the same thing twice. 29st 12lbs(418lbs/190kg) 273lbs (123.83kg) to go     So I went to my doctor today, to discuss many a thing, as I normally do when I go. I went to discuss my foot and my medication… Continue reading How to disappoint oneself.