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Weigh-in #2-2: January 22 2014

-1.2lbs -1.2lbs since Jan 15 2013 364.1lbs   Sorry about the lack of weigh-in yesterday. I spent most of the day searching for a book I'd used for my Open University course that had gone missing when I rebooted my Kindle. I needed it for citing a reference in my essay. And then I spent… Continue reading Weigh-in #2-2: January 22 2014

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In Which Fatso Tries To Do Too Much

Tonight was a bit of a nightmare, to be honest. Mum was due home at about quarter past seven. Dad wanted to have her dinner ready when she got home. I wanted to go to the gym before Spinning. I wanted to be dropped off at the gym approximately when Mum was due home. Cue… Continue reading In Which Fatso Tries To Do Too Much

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operation south beach: days 3 and 4

I was reading an old diary of mine last night, and I mentioned something that made me cover my mouth and want to cry. It said, "Tracy, you are a fat bitch. You have been a fat bitch since you were ten years old, and it has got to stop. You were a size 18… Continue reading operation south beach: days 3 and 4