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In Which Fatso Is Random

There's nothing more disconcerting to me right now, than the sound of my spine popping/cracking/crunching when I'm walking. Pedestrians are assholes just as much as drivers. If not worse. I may or may not have mentioned to my Spin instructor that I fancy Blond Boy (who used to be in the swimming club, and now… Continue reading In Which Fatso Is Random

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Weigh-in #41: October 8 2013

Now weighing-in using theOzeri Precision II Digital Bathroom Scales! -2.8lbs -29.5lbs since Jan 1 2013 357.2lbs   Well, it's not quite the weight loss I was aiming for this week, but it's better than losing nothing, or gaining again! Annoyingly, however, it means I'm probably not gonna make my DietBet goal, since I've now got… Continue reading Weigh-in #41: October 8 2013