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Weekly Weigh-In: May 20, 2019

I know that one single day in a month isn't going to undo all of my hard work, and I guess that's the important thing: I know that it'll take me falling off the wagon entirely for me to start gaining the weight back instead of losing it.

#fitbyforty, 400s, weigh-in, weight gain

Weekly Weigh-In: May 6, 2019

+6lbs 31st 8lbs(442lbs/200.49kg)(-2lbs/-0.9kg) At this point, I ask: was last week's weigh-in a fluke (as I thought it might be), or was this week really that bad? I'm gonna guess it's a mixture of both. Now, it's not like I ate well this week. Mum and Dad were away for their anniversary. I basically ate… Continue reading Weekly Weigh-In: May 6, 2019

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Weekly Weigh-In: April 22, 2019

I am probably literally eating myself to death. A few years ago, I'd have been fine with that, to be honest, after Zero died. But I've finally hit a point where I actually care about what happens to me. I care that I'd in pain all the time. I care that I feel like crap when I eat the wrong types of food. I have my back pain, my migraines, I have bowel issues, I have a mutant leg which is worse than it ever was, and my foot's so swollen that I can't get it into my trainers on some days.