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Procrastination stations ahoy!

No, not really; it's not procrastination! See, the plan for us to go and rejoin Weight Watchers this week was completely scuppered because I was violently sick on Wednesday night! And by violently sick, I mean I lost 6lbs OVERNIGHT. Which is never good, really. I woke up on Thursday morning and I could barely… Continue reading Procrastination stations ahoy!

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Phase One, Day Six, The Redux

Yesterday was... interesting. Y'know, to say the least, it was... interesting. I've actually been hungrier today than I was yesterday, which is rather amazing, considering the fact that I didn't eat a single thing between midnight and midnight yesterday. Today, I eat stuff, I immediately get hungry an hour afterwards? (I still woke up at… Continue reading Phase One, Day Six, The Redux

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Phase One, Day Four, The Redux

Day four, and no cravings today. I had a moment of absolute hell when Mum said, "OH LOOK THERE ARE SOME GRAPES IN THE FRIDGE THAT HAVE TO BE EATEN TODAY. TRACY DO YOU..." and then she looked at me and said "OH BUT YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED, ARE YOU." I shook my head all… Continue reading Phase One, Day Four, The Redux