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In Which Tracy’s Medication Changes

Seriously, I am not stupid enough to chew on a medication that doesn't come in gummy form It's been a while since I've spoken about Dr. David, mostly because it's actually been a while since I last went to see him. This is possibly the longest time in between visits with my GP since we… Continue reading In Which Tracy’s Medication Changes

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In Which Fatso Is Shaking The Building

It's been a pretty quiet week, here at FGS HQ, if you don't count the back spasms that have been so bad it feels like the building's shaking. I've got a(nother) appointment to see Doctor David on Monday. I'll talk to him about the smelly sweaty panniculus thing, a weird lump on my head that's… Continue reading In Which Fatso Is Shaking The Building

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In Which Fatso’s Sister Returns!

Today, a few things happened. Today, I went to see my doctor, and I am now officially not taking Xenical any more. He is also pleased that I have joined the gym and is further pleased that I am following/rejoining (delete as applicable; ask me again on Monday) Weight Watchers, and has prescribed me Naproxen… Continue reading In Which Fatso’s Sister Returns!

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It’s That Time Again! (Weigh-In!)

So, it's been two weeks since I last got weighed. I'm going to do it like this from now on, unless something catastrophic happens, like not being able to stand for 5 minutes without my hip hurting. Then I'll get weighed and make sure it's not my weight going up that's the problem. But anyway!… Continue reading It’s That Time Again! (Weigh-In!)

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Losing is the new black!

It was last Friday when I got weighed, so it's not even really been a week yet. But since I was heading into the nurse today anyway, I figured I'd hop on the scale while I was in. When I went into the office, we were talking about my meds and the fact that I'd… Continue reading Losing is the new black!