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Phase One, Day Three, The Redux

Being at home is harder than being at work, especially when there's little to no food in the house. I'm rather amused at that idea; the place is almost always well-stocked, but noooo. I either don't want or can't have most of the stuff we have in the house. I have a lovely piece of… Continue reading Phase One, Day Three, The Redux

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week 27, week 28, recipes

So yus! I did not post last week - I was mostly pissed off at myself. Here's why: +2lbs BAH. But this week was better. -3.5lbs See? I'm settling into a routine of lose for 2 weeks, gain for a week. And really, so long as I'm losing weight overall, I'm not going to complain… Continue reading week 27, week 28, recipes