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Weekly Weigh-in #19: May 6, 2012

±0lbs 24st 9lbs(345lbs/156.49kg) (-2lbs/0.90kg) If I'd realised, at the start of the year, that it was going to be one of those months for a few months, I think I'd have bought a load more Tony Ferguson shakes, had I been able to afford them, and gone back on the plan. I'm sick of this… Continue reading Weekly Weigh-in #19: May 6, 2012

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In Which Fatso Cooks

So I've talked about it before (more than once, but for some reason, that's all that comes up when I search!) , how much I love butternut squash. Tonight, my parents are away celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary (happy anniversary, parents!) thanks to my big sister, so my little sister and I have been left… Continue reading In Which Fatso Cooks

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oven roasted garlic, butternut squash… and me

I've got to say, that one of my absolutely favourite side dishes since I bought the Cook Yourself Thin cookbook, has been oven roasted garlic, butternut squash and red onions. Absolutely delicious; I can't get over how sweet onion is when it's oven-roasted. Divine! And what I usually do with the garlic, is I peel… Continue reading oven roasted garlic, butternut squash… and me