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In Which Tracy Turns Thirty-One

Perhaps not shockingly, as I turned thirty last year, I turned thirty-one this year. We didn't even do anything special for the day this year; Dad managed to get the day off, though, so everyone was here, except for Lorna and Matt (SADFACE), who are, of course, still in Canada until May. I cannot wait… Continue reading In Which Tracy Turns Thirty-One

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Weekly Weigh-in #21: May 20, 2012

+3lbs 24st 5lbs(341lbs/154.68kg) (-6lbs/2.72kg) I mentioned yesterday that it's That Time Of The Month, or for those of you who don't speak Fatso: I am having my period. Aunt Flo has come to visit. I'm riding the crimson wave. Etcetera, etcetera. Annoyingly, I'm on The Pill, and I actually haven't had a period in four… Continue reading Weekly Weigh-in #21: May 20, 2012

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Weekly Weigh-In #11: March 29, 2011

Er, apparently I wrote up a whole entry last week in which I bitched and complained a lot about my weigh-in, and, uh. Forgot to post it. Admittedly, last week was my birthday, so I was probably preoccupied with something else. Like cake. Lots of cake. So, here's my weigh-in from last week: Image by… Continue reading Weekly Weigh-In #11: March 29, 2011

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In Which Fatso Maintains

So, birthday week. Traditionally, this is the week where I put on a couple of pounds and curse myself up and down. I went to my meeting tonight with my big sister in tow - Mum has decided to take a month off, because she has been, in her own words, stressing herself silly over… Continue reading In Which Fatso Maintains

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In Which Fatso Resolves

I've just finished my lunch, and am waiting for an hour or so until I head to the gym, otherwise I will regret it. So I thought, "hey, I haven't actually updated since Monday!" If you read my previous entry, y'all might have noticed that it was my birthday. I probably ate something like 2,000… Continue reading In Which Fatso Resolves