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In Which Tracy Is Not A Computer

(But sort of wishes she was.) A post in which I talk about how annoyed I am at still gaining weight, despite eating less than 2,000 calories a day; what I plan to try to do about it; and when I'm coming back from break. Fun fact: the best part of doing a vlog is… Continue reading In Which Tracy Is Not A Computer

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Weigh-in #27: July 2, 2013

+2lbs -12.2lbs since Jan 1 2013 377lbs Oy, I can't be consistent from one week to the next, apparently. Despite feeling that my eating, this week, was actually better than it was last week, I must have gotten something wrong. (One drawback of the 5:2 Diet is that I'm not writing anything down, so I… Continue reading Weigh-in #27: July 2, 2013

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Weigh-in #25: June 18, 2013

-0.1lb -10.7lbs since Jan 1 2013 378.9lbs Wow, down a whole 0.1lbs! Impressive. /sarcasm I was just about to head to bed (didn't realise it was so late when I started watching the season 2 finale of Sherlock. GODDAMNIT, SHERLOCK!) when I thought to double-check that I'd actually posted today's (yesterday's?) weigh-in. Nope! Apparently I… Continue reading Weigh-in #25: June 18, 2013

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Weigh-in #20: May 15, 2013

-2.2lb -10.8lbs since Jan 1 2013 378.8lbs Sorry for the day-late weigh-in: completely managed to forget to weigh-in yesterday, despite remembering that it was cheapie Tuesday for the cinema (didn't eat anything! And only had a 500ml diet soda. Go me!). How my brain works, I'll never know. Not a bad wee week, actually; I'm… Continue reading Weigh-in #20: May 15, 2013