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In Which I’ve Completed My Sainsbury’s Sport Relief Games 2016 Swimathon

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FATGIRLslim | Sainsbury's Sport Relief Games Swimathon Bling: Rear View

Sainsbury’s Sport Relief Games 2016 Swimathon: THE PANIC

I had a bit of a panic yesterday, when I realised that, despite me emailing to get my Swimathon moved from Sunday to Saturday, they’d actually… sent me an email with the exact same date on it, and I hadn’t noticed. Sigh.

Luckily, they got the date changed over without a problem, so I didn’t have to swim 1.5km and then walk 3 miles all on the same day.

Despite spending all of last night in a bit of a tizzy, feeling nervous as all get-out, I actually managed to get to sleep okay. Which is good. Not so good was being jolted awake at 6.30am by Dad pottering around the house, and then again at 8.55am, five minutes before my alarm was due to go off. Typical.

Spend the morning nervous. Ate lunch an hour earlier than usual so it wasn’t sitting heavy in my stomach while I was swimming/so I didn’t feel sick.

Got down to Blantyre about 20 minutes before the start time of the event; parked in ASDA, picked up a big bottle of Smart Water because I was an idiot and forgot to put anything in the fridge to chill overnight, and headed over to the Blantyre Leisure Centre.

Considering I’ve never been in the Blantyre Leisure Centre Pool before, I figured it was a good idea to get in there with time to spare, JUST IN CASE. Luckily, there were no major obstacles to cross, except trying to find locker space and trying not to fall over on the sodding tiles.

Seriously. Swimming pools need to invest in non-slip walking surfaces.

Sainsbury’s Sport Relief Games 2016 Swimathon: THE WAITING

Turns out they were only shutting off half of the competitive pool for the event, so we had four or five lanes for thirty-five people – admittedly some of those were teams – but still. Would have made sense to shut off the whole pool. Blantyre has an entirely separate, half-length shallow pool, that would have done people until the Swimathon was complete. Hell, if Hamilton can shut off their entire pool for the swimming club for an hour or so, why can’t Blantyre do it for charity – especially when they have a non-rapids/non-flume pool that can also be used?

Anyway. It was meant to start at 13:15. We didn’t get started until… closer to 14:00. And despite being on #teamyellow – and not actually being in a team?! – I got to choose whichever colour swimming cap I wanted.

FATGIRLslim | Sainsbury's Sport Relief Games Swimathon Swim Cap
I’m sure nobody’s surprised.

Then we still had to wait. And wait. And wait. They had to figure out who was going in which lane, etc. Myself and another gentleman, both slow swimmers, ended up in a lane with club swimmers. As in: REALLY FRIGGIN’ FAST.

If nothing else, it meant that my first 20 or so lengths were faster than usual.

Sainsbury’s Sport Relief Games 2016 Swimathon: THE SWIM

I know how you feel, puppy.

The actual swim took me just over an hour – I think it was an hour and ten or fifteen minutes, although I’m fairly sure that, given the fact that a sloooooooow length takes me a minute, 60 lengths should take me an hour, or just more than that, stopping for a sip of water four times.

I also made the mistake of buying new goggles, and taking a different set than usual with me as backup… which meant that my noseclips were left at home. *sigh* So I couldn’t particularly go underwater, which might have slowed me down.

But I remembered my music. I had my FitBit on. My parents were there – although with my music on, I didn’t hear them cheering for me, OOPS – and I hardly stopped moving the entire time.

And I completed the 1.5km.

My shoulders were burning. My arms ached.

But I never wanted to stop. And I got my first-ever bit of bling for it. 😀

FATGIRLslim | The Sainsbury's Sport Relief Games Swimathon Bling: Front View

Of course, it having taken place in a public swimming pool, Mum and Dad weren’t allowed to take pictures. 🙁 They were going to, but were told they weren’t allowed. Alas.