Sponsored Post: Celebrity Bulk-Ups (one for the men!)

30th May 2013

From Skinny To Sporty: Celebrity Bulk-Ups

In today’s digital world, it’s not easy being the skinny guy. You turn on the TV, your phone, your tablet, or whatever, and you’re bombarded with images of some of the world’s top athletes showing off their toned abs and muscular arms. I’m pretty sure you can’t even get away from it in the magazines, if it’s anything like what us girls have to put up with!

Since the Olympics, it’s been even more annoying, with the TV programme Splash being on the air, and Olympic diver Tom Daley wandering around in his speedos for 90 minutes at a time (although I’m sure there aren’t many complaints from the women…) and a recent advert for H&M that showed David Beckham running around L.A. in nothing but his boxer shorts. If you’ve reached breaking point and think that you, too, could look like that, then there’s nothing that regular exercise and a good healthy diet won’t fix. If you think you need any extra help, then you can always purchase whey protein formulas online (I’d personally recommended the vanilla flavour!), along with a whole range of other sports nutrition products to help you get the body you’ve always dreamed about.

Famous Faces – And Bodies

Not everyone that’s in the public eye with a body to die for is a sports star, although it may feel that way at the moment with the British post-Olympic glow and Sir Chris Hoy’s thighs still fresh in our minds… or is that just me? But there are many other famous men in the spotlight who have had to shape up, either for the sake of a movie role, or because of the constant paparazzi attention. Some of them got ripped, and never looked back.

And I’ll start with my current favourite.

Chris Evans



Chris Evans as Jake Wyler in Not Another Teen Movie (top) and as Colin Shea in What’s Your Number

No, not the well-known ginger presenter than once hosted The Big Breakfast back in the 1990s: the Hollywood actor. After playing a jack in Not Another Teen Movie (I’m not ashamed to admit I love that film; I can sing along to The Musical Number, and I’m pretty sure I have it as an mp3…) and Johnny Storm in The Fantastic Four films, he was already known to have a pretty good physique, but he was transformed with the use of a trainer for Captain America – don’t let those pre-Captain America scenes fool you, that’s a stunt double! – and needless to say, the bulk he gained is still there.

Christian Bale


Christian Bale as Trevor Reznik (left) in The Machinist and as Bruce Wayne (right) in Batman Begins.

Even though Bale isn’t known for being an overly skinny actor, in fact quite the opposite, he had to bulk up when he landed the role of Batman. Previous to playing the caped crusader Bale had lost over 60 pounds to play the lead in The Machinist (which is an amazing movie; I’d highly recommend it), which took his weight down to under nine stone. However, as Batman can’t look like a rake, the future Oscar winner utilised heavy core training and stuck to a high protein diet to gain a whopping 100 pounds in a short period of time. But sometimes you can bulk up too much, as Bale found out when director Christopher Nolan told him to drop 20 pounds, showing sometimes you can overdo it.

Will Smith

When The Fresh Prince of Bel Air took on the role of Muhammad Ali in the 2001 biopic of his life, the usually average-looking star had to build up his 185 pound body frame. To accomplish this, he began extreme weight training and six-hour-long training sessions that were completed daily; during the training, Smith was benching around 350 pounds at a time. The result saw the star transform from the average-looking rapper turned actor we all know, into a 220 pound boxing lookalike.




In the interests of full disclosure: I was contacted by an advertising agency and asked to post one or two posts about health, fitness and celebrities in exchange for payment. The wording above is not entirely my own (I wrote some of it, but not all of it), but the sentiments are!

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