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In Which I Spoke Too Soon

FATGIRLslim | In Which I Spoke Too Soon
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So, y’know how the very last thing that I posted about was how I’d gotten that conditional/unconditional place at college?

It appears that I’ve spoken too soon.

Opened My Mouth; Spoke Too Soon

Apparently, the part-time lecturer who interviewed me wasn’t actually supposed to tell me that I’d gotten a conditional place, given that they were still interviewing for the course. Although, how he was supposed to say, “get your reference in ASAP or you’re screwed,” without saying “you’ve basically got an unconditional place on the course so long as you get your reference in to us,” I don’t know.


What happened is this: last week, after booking a celebratory tattoo appointment for getting my place, no less, I got an email saying that I was on the damn reserve list. I called them up and asked them, “yo, what the-?”

Nobody got back to me, so I said that I’d leave it until Monday to see if anyone A) got back to me and B) changed my place to actually being on the course, of account of me being told that I’d get an unconditional place if I sent in my reference.

Nobody got back to me by lunchtime yesterday, so I called them up, and they said: “Yeah, our bad, you shouldn’t have been told that, and other people came in with their reference in hand and they got their place on the course then and there.”

Again: sigh.

So it looks like I may not be going to college this year. If someone drops out, I’ll get a spot. If someone drops out within a few weeks of the start date of the course [next week] then I’ll get a spot.

But given that I’d been kind of planning on going to college at the end of August, this is kind of a pain in the ass, y’know?

It’s more than a minor snag, but not exactly the biggest annoyance that’s ever happened to me. I’ve just got to cross my fingers and hope that someone doesn’t turn up on day one.

Of course, the thing that’ll bug me is if they do, and I’ve got nothing in the way of proper stationery and stuff because I’m not buying anything because I can’t even apply for a bursary or anything until I’m actually accepted onto the course.

It’s, as I said, a pain in the ass. It’s things like this that would have sent me down into a huge binge-eating spiral before. I would have been storming out to the shop and buying everything in existence, complaining internally about how it’s the Universe out to get me.

(And trust me: the Universe is out to get me. Or at least, that’s what it seems like. I must have the worst luck in the world, sometimes! Nothing ever goes my way.)

So, if everyone can cross their collective fingers that someone drops out of the course and that I get an email before Friday so that I can A) go and buy stationery over the weekend and B) psyche myself up for college next week, I’d really appreciate it.

(I’d also need a feckin’ lunchbox. I don’t care that I’m an adult. I want a lunchbox. Or a bento box.)

Because really. I need all the luck I can get at this point. I haven’t any of my own, or so it seems, or if I do, all I have is bad luck.