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South Beach Diet Redux Two: Day Six

Right now, I’ve just finished my lunch: salad, olives, pork with mayo, egg muffins and bacon. I’m actually feeling extremely full, despite the fact it wasn’t a whole lot of food.

I let myself off the wagon yesterday while I was at my parents’ place: I had 2 thin slices of cherry cake and an oaty biscuit. I wasn’t craving them, but I just wanted something sweet, and there’s usually always something sweet at my parents’ place.

I’m feeling fine today, though. The little bit of sugar and white flour hasn’t triggered any cravings. I’m still doing fine.

But the thing I’m writing about isn’t really my food.

I’m writing this post because I’m excited about going swimming tonight. Last week, my mutant leg had a bit of a flare-up and three sores popped up and opened, and I didn’t want to go into the pool with them while they were open.

But now they’re closed and they’re healed and it’s all good. I can finally go swimming again!

I actually spoiled myself and got a new swimming costume.

It’s so cute! It’s like pants and a tankini, but they’re stitched together and it’s got a whole underneath part to the tankini that you get under swim dresses, and it’s just wonderful. I love it already. (And it only cost £10 in a sale!)

So yeah. I’m excited about getting back in the pool tonight. I’m glad my mutant leg has healed up enough that I can go swimming.

I just wish I had a waterproof mp3 player so that I could listen to music while I was swimming. That’d make it perfect.

2 thoughts on “South Beach Diet Redux Two: Day Six”

    1. It was a total STEAL, and usually, don't do swimsuits up to size 30/32, so getting it in my size (30) was a bonus, too! And it's a dream to swim in – the straps are adjustable, so they don't fall down, the top's stitched to the pants, so it doesn't ride up, and it's just adorable!

      Thanks! 🙂

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