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Slimming World Weigh-in – April 20 and April 27, 2017

Slimming World Weigh-In: April 20

-6lbs since April 6, 2017

Slimming World Weigh-In: April 27

-9lbs since April 6, 2017

I really ought to check my blog when I think I’ve updated with my weigh-in; most of the time, I haven’t.

I’m now into week four of Slimming World (if we count my first week post-initial weigh-in as week one) and I’m really enjoying the plan. I’ve had one or two really bad days where I just haven’t said no to myself, and they’re all in this current week, sigh.

Last week, I thought I’d go off the rails because of some bad news from the vet about my old lady cat, Twig. I honestly thought I’d just freak out and eat everything in sight. So far, I’ve managed not to do that, but those bad days were pretty bad.

I screwed my knee up not last Wednesday, but the Wednesday before that. I was walking home, and when I turned the corner to come into my street, my knee went away from me; I felt blinding pain for a moment, and since then it’s been feeling like something’s moving inside my knee. Like, if I try to stand completely straight up and lock my knees, it feels like the right-hand side of my kneecap is shifting around in there. It’s horrible.

So I’ve not been able to do any exercise at all, which is annoying. I think after this week, I’ll be okay to go back to swimming, but I’ll need to make sure I’m okay with swimming before doing Aqua Zumba and Spinfit again. I don’t want to aggravate it. I was supposed to be going out with my big sister this past weekend (Saturday 29) and I’d forgotten about it completely; I was only reminded when Linda texted me. Couldn’t go because of my knee. Pretty annoyed about that, but I don’t particularly want to have a night out where I can’t dance because my knee keeps falling out from underneath me.

Hopefully I’ll be okay by this time next week.