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In Which I Notice A Difference In My Body

I decided to take myself out for a date on Wednesday night. I do this every so often: I’ll put a face on (someone else’s, not my own) and put something nice on, and I’ll go out to the cinema and sit in the dark for an hour or two or three, and then I’ll either go to ASDA and get some things, or I’ll just go home.

FATGIRLslim | Tracy
Me. With a face on.

Wednesday night, though, I had some ASDA Guarantee Vouchers, so I decided to go to ASDA and pick up some more breakfast cereal and yoghurt. I ended up coming out with two packs of Pringles, too, because they were on special offer at two-for-£3.

The last time I had Pringles, I think I was living in my flat. Which means it was at least last summer. Could have been 2013 for all I know.

I made the genius decision to eat an entire pack yesterday afternoon. BBQ flavour. Absolutely addictive. Someone remind me to A) eat everything mindfully, and not sit at my computer playing Final Fantasy XIV with a tub of Pringles to hand and B) what Friday morning, March 6, 2015 felt like.

Suffice it to say that if you’ve ever been unfortunate enough to have been on the Alli/Orlistat prescription pills and had a bit of a food bender you’ll understand my pain. (I’ve been on Orlistat, and that’s why I’m making the connection. It was… horrendous.)

All I can think of is that YouTube video where the guys are burning the Pringles, and you can see the fat dripping off of them. I was going to embed it, but I can’t find the specific one I was thinking of.

Basically: Pringles are really, really fatty.

My diet?: Not really actually that fatty. Not really that calorific, actually, either, when it comes down to it.

An entire tub of Pringles in one sitting?

Yeah, kind of a problem for my guts to handle. Best of all/worst of all?

Last year or the year before, this wouldn’t have been a problem.

Dear body:

I’m sorry.

I tried not to do it again today with the Paprika pringles, but Final Fantasy XIV ate my brain again.

May tomorrow morning be forgiving.