Height: 5′ 10″ (170cm)
    Inner Leg: 32″
    Sex: Female
    Age: 30
    Date of Birth: March 22, 1983


Weight loss to date:

Created by MyFitnessPal – Nutrition Facts For Foods


January 2010 – 418lbs

April 2010 – 408lbs

January 2011 – 379lbs

June 2011 – 369lbs

October 2011 – 349lbs

May 2012 – 345lbs

January 2013 – 389lbs




    Heighest weight (February 2007): 449lbs (32st 1lb / 203.6kg)
    Goal weight: 145lbs (10st 5lbs / 65.7kg)


    Starting clothing size (bottom): 32/34/36 (dependent on brand/style/material)
    Starting clothing size (top): 30/32/34 (again, dependent on brand/style/material)
    Starting shoe size: UK10 (US ladies’ 13)


February, 2010

    Right upper arm: 20″
    Waist: 59″
    Hips: 71″
    Right Thigh: 37″

June, 2011

    Right upper arm: 18.5″
    Waist: 54″
    Hips: 66″
    Right Thigh: 31″

October, 2011

    Right upper arm: 17.5″
    Under bust: 48.5″
    Waist: 53″
    Hips: 65″
    Right Thigh: 30″

February, 2012

    Right upper arm: 17″
    Under bust: 48″
    Waist: 53″
    Hips: 65″
    Right Thigh: 30″

January, 2013

    Right upper arm: 19″
    Bust: 60″
    Under bust: 52″
    Waist: 57″
    Hips: 71″
    Upper Right Thigh: 34″
    Upper Right Calf:: 20″
    Upper Left Calf (mutant leg): 21″


12 thoughts on “Progress”

  1. Good Luck!

    You can do anything you set your mind to and it looks like you're well on your way in that category. Just keep fighting.

  2. Hi, just found this site and I just wanna say, I loved reading your story and am rooting for ya all the way… Will check in often and see how you are going. Keep it up. An envious Galway girl.

  3. A big fabby well done on your weight loss so far !! I think your doing great !!!! Your a fantastic inspiration to everyone out there who struggle to loose weight and I wish you all the best with your progress. xxxx

    1. Thank you very much! I'm hoping to set a better example than the past few weeks now. The past few weeks were DREADFUL!

  4. That's fantastic progress Tracy! Don't lose heart, you're well on the way. This is a useful website for keeping track of things, you can set targets and it had a database of 10,000 foods. All for free 🙂

  5. Hi

    Came across your site when wanting to bury my head in the sand after seeing some very nasty pictures of myself on holiday. Instead of the sand I decided to scan the web to see if other people really do struggle with their weight like I do or if its tv land out there and I am on my own. Reading your story gave me a kick up the bottom and the inspiration needed You have done so well so far. Now as you have giving me some hope I am attempting to make the changes. I will look in often to see how you are getting on and wish you all the very best.

    1. Anne – good for you for not giving up! I know it's hard, but it only gets harder if you do give up. Hang on in there, and I'm always here if you need me! – Tracy

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